Legit Money Saving Hacks For Furniture Renters

We all want to live the best life but let’s face it, saving money is probably the smartest thing you can do in your youth. Savings are what will get you through tough times and old age comfortably. So every opportunity to save a penny must be utilized. If you keep aside the basic expenses like food, transport, utilities, and accommodation, you’ll realize that there are indeed plenty of opportunities to spend your money wisely. With millennials opting to live an asset-free lifestyle, more and more startups are coming up with innovative ways to help people get the most bang for your buck. 

Renting has already been popularized by today’s youth. And it is a perfect example of how asset-free arrangements can help save loads of money that would otherwise be spent on acquiring assets that would only depreciate in value over time. Here are some tips on how you can save money while paying your monthly furniture rent.

Rent From A Credible Company

More than just renting, you need to pay attention to what, how and from where you are renting. Due to the boom in the demand for rented consumer durables, several startups have entered the market with goods on rent. However, not all of them are reputable. If you have decided to go with renting, the next obvious step would be to pick a vendor with a credible track record. 

Find a company that has been around for at least 3 years, one with enough online presence and an easily accessible customer service team. Once you shortlist a few such companies, go through testimonials, reviews and feedback available online and under specific products you may want to rent. If the general tone is that of positivity, the company could be a safe bet. 

Any company that doesn’t have a significant online presence is a bad bet in current times. Lack of social media handles and other accounts makes it harder for new customers to find out how previous customers’ experiences were. Best avoid such companies.

Duration Of Renting

Typically, the longer your rental term, the lesser will be your monthly rent. Or in other words, the monthly rent you pay for a term of 10 months will be a lot lesser than what you pay for a 2-month lease. You could use this to your advantage and try to maximize your rental tenure as much as possible.

That said, for durations longer than 3 years, we’d recommend buying a second-hand product instead of renting. That’s because the total amount you pay in rent at the end of three years would probably be the same as the amount it would cost you to buy a second-hand version of the same product. However, if you rent with Guarented, you’ll be offered a rent-to-own feature which means that a portion of the rent you pay goes towards the product’s selling price. So the longer you rent, the lesser you get to buy it for. This does give you the chance to own an asset at the end of your rental tenure.

Look For Perks

Any perk that could help you save money is a big plus. Most companies do offer you free delivery, free pick up, and easy returns, so look for companies that go beyond the regular freebies. Guarented has some unique features like the rent-to-own we discussed above and a 24-hrs no questions asked return policy. But in addition to this, all our products are also eligible for a free service warranty that covers minor repairs and maintenance checks for as long as the product is rented from us and the monthly rent is correctly paid. 

Check Out Guarented’s Goods On Rent

If you haven’t seen our website already, now would be a good time to check out Guarented’s collection of furniture and appliances on rent. We have a huge collection of furniture products across various categories and some premium appliances too! We do our best to go beyond what other companies do and are always striving to give our customers the best service possible! So get started! May your renting journey have a happy beginning!

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