Life After COVID-Induced Lockdown In India

Countries across the world are in various stages of lockdown to enforce social distancing in an effort to curb the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus. The Indian lockdown, which started on March 25th, 2020 is slated to end on May 3rd. In the last few weeks, the everyday routine that Indian Janta were used to, had gone for a toss. With a government mandate in place asking for people to stay indoors, people had to go through a host of new experiences. All that said and done, there’s no denying that the lockdown did indeed help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

The lockdown, which was supposed to end on April 14th had to be extended as the number of cases kept rising despite widespread efforts to curb it. Even though various officials are saying that the lockdown should not be ending this soon, it seems that a complete lockdown triggers other problems which will have a crippling effect on the Indian economy. With relaxations in varying levels already being brought in the least affected cities, we have hope that very soon, life will return to its normal pace.

A lot has changed these past few weeks. We are all hygiene freaks now. (And we’re also Dalgona coffee drinkers apparently). Let’s take a look at how life may change once the lockdown officially ends. 

Changed Habits. Changed People.

Our routines may go back to normal but if there’s anything that will not go back, it is the way we have approached hygiene standards. Now that we have realized that the mere act of washing our hands thoroughly could save us from a potentially life-threatening disease, we’ll be extra cautious for the rest of our lives. 

Most of us had been forced into staying indoors for several weeks and that has taught us to appreciate the smaller things in life. Many of us who were dependent on maids and other services for everyday cleaning and cooking have now learned to do this on their own. With that, we have newfound appreciation and love for the people who have been doing this work for us now. 

Hobbies too have been rigorously revisited with people getting extra time on their hands. Social media has been flooded with images and stories of people trying new recipes and even inventing new ones. The same goes for hobbies of all kinds!

As a race, humans have definitely begun appreciating the things they have and are going to be approaching life with renewed caution and enthusiasm. 

COVID Will Change The Way We Work & Trade

If nothing, COVID has proved that work from home can be pulled off in a productive way. Companies who earlier has reservations about their employees working from home are now encouraging them to do so to maintain hygiene standards. And with that, the world has realized that working from home is indeed a great way to be productive, maintain work-life balance, and most importantly, save several hours which would otherwise be spent stuck in traffic. 

Another thing that is expected to change is that people will now focus on locally produced food & consumer goods. Imports have obviously taken a hit, so Indians have finally learned the benefits of shopping local! This will possibly help us strengthen our economy if the whole lot of us depended on Indian-made goods and services.

Prepare For A Recession

What we spoke of as “looming recession” in the last few years, has finally be triggered due to the halt in trade due to global lockdowns. Updates about economic crises everywhere have shaken us all equally. Mass layoffs and pay cuts have already begun. If trade cannot pick up, smaller businesses may shut down and the bigger ones too may go bankrupt. Economically, things are looking grim. The stress associated with that cannot be easily described.

Post lockdown, people will definitely change the way they spend their money. Disposable income will now be limited for most people. Some will even have to survive on their savings until a new opportunity comes along. If you haven’t started a savings plan, now would be a good time to give it a thought. 

Life Goes On!

Caution Is Now A Part Of Our Life. We will always vary of doorknobs and railings now. We will think twice before touching any surface in a public place and we will cover our faces in fear if someone sneezes around us. We won’t have the same confidence while we had while we previously took public transportation. But that’s fine. These are changes that are for the better. Sars-COVID-19 is not the first pandemic that shook the human race, and it won’t be the last. We took a bad hit, but we will overcome and we will emerge as a more immune species. 

Until then, stay indoors, stay safe!

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