Make Your Home Ready For Xmas With 5 Easy Steps

Well, well, well! December is here already (already? Where’d the entire year go?)! It feels just like yesterday that we all partied for New Year and proclaimed some serious resolutions (did you stick to your resolutions?) and now it’s time for X’mas and New Years once more! December is hailed as one of the most festive months of the calendar with Christmas themed events and decorations taking over the world. If you are planning to host guests or if you just want to simply make your home feel festive ahead of Xmas, here are some super simple steps to make your home Christmas ready!

1. Start With A Clean Base

Like with most aesthetic things, a clean base is kind of mandatory for home decoration too. Image having decorations and festoons strung on dusty surfaces and walls. Wouldn’t be joyous at all. So the very first step would be to give your home a thorough cleaning. Yes, it is a task that most people dread. You can actually make it fun by inviting your friends over, wearing Xmas hats and doing the cleaning while some music blasts in your ears (do treat your friends if they helped you clean).

(You may take inspiration from this lady below)


2. Declutter Like Your Life Depended On It

Clutter is like a disease. It spreads through the house leaving a royal mess in its wake. Since this is a month of all things holy and happy, welcome positivity by throwing out things you no longer love. In larger homes, clutter takes time to spread and even if they do, there probably will be enough space to stash them away and keep them out of sight. In smaller homes and apartments, clutter is a strict no-no.

They will take up whatever limited space you have and make everything look disorganized. So this season, be cruel with things you no longer love and throw them away for good. If you have usable materials, you can always donate them to charity. You’ll be surprised at how much more room you’ll have once all the trash is out! Remember – Declutter first, decorate second.


3. Upgrade Your Furniture & Appliances

If you plan to entertain guests at home, you’ll need to have a functional and presentable home. With festival sales going live everywhere, this is your chance to give your home a makeover. Prices are hugely slashed during Christmas season and there is no better time to shop than now.

Christmas is also a time for great food and if you plan to cook some on your own, make sure you have all the appliances you need. For the simpler recipes, just a convection microwave and a fridge would do. Convection microwaves can handle grilling, broiling baking and simple reheating as well. And if you plan to cook desserts, a fridge would be vital for chilling them. Experts say that these two are the bare essentials you need for basic cooking. And if you don’t have them, simply log on to Guarented to either rent or buy them at super affordable prices.

Christmas Decoration


4. Get Some Decorations

What’s Xmas without a balloon at the very least? Red and pine green are trending colors this season. Yes, very cliched but it’s Christmas, let’s go with it. E-commerce sites have huge sales on trees and decorations now. Make the best of the offers and order some stuff. If you don’t have the budget to buy stuff, turn to YouTube for some tutorials on easy DIY decorations.

Trust us when we say this, you can craft enough decorations and festoons for your entire house in just a few hundred bucks if you have time to spare. Besides, it is a very fun and relaxing activity to make decorations. Ultimate stress buster, we’d say!

Xmas without a balloon


5. Festive Fragrances

Traditionally, homes in the west would automatically have a festive fragrance when natural pine trees and holly are used for decoration. Since desi homes won’t be able to do that, find alternatives like homemade potpourris or aerosol sprays. Set a pan on the stove and let cinnamon and orange peels simmer on it for a while. Scented candles work wonders too (just make sure they don’t cause a fire).

Even if you don’t manage to get the home smelling festive, at least make sure that there isn’t any stench. Empty the trash daily, clean up any spills immediately, don’t leave food and trash littered around. Stay clean and unpleasant smells will automatically be prevented. Neither your guests nor you yourself want a stinking home during Christmas.

orange peels simmer


Gather People, Share Food, Spread Love

Christmas is more than just the birthday of Christ. It is a celebration of love, history and above all, the beautiful story of the holy trinity. With the whole world gearing up for Christmas, it is hard not to let the festivities rub off on you. Step out and you’ll see beautiful Christmas trees and sparkly decorations everywhere. Doesn’t that just cheer you up? Well, it cheers us up!

So get started already! December has already begun and before you know it, you’ll be gearing up to celebrate New Years. Which means you have to start prepping for Christmas right away! Seasons greetings everyone, don’t forget to check out our ginormous discounts on the Guarented website! 


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