Massive Discount On Sofas!

If you haven’t heard already, hear it now – Guarented has announced a massive discount on 5 seater sofas this month! There’s a massive surge in orders ever since we announced this discount so you better hurry before the stocks run out. But before we give you more details on the discounts, here’s why we think Guarented is the best place to purchase second hand sofas from.

Why Is Guarented Different?

While there are platforms like Olx and Quikr that are dedicated for selling used merchandise, we are a company with a reputation to keep. We need to keep in mind that there are no regulations governing them. Anybody can sell anything there and (unlikely but) disappear after the money has been collected. Many such scam stories about said platforms are floating around in Bangalore, so precaution should be practised.

When you shop for used goods on Guarented, here’s what you get –

Assurance on quality

This is something we take very seriously. We extensively refurbish every product before advertising. We also subject them to sanitation treatments to ensure hygiene. Anything you buy from us will be nothing less than fully functional.

Free service warranty

Because we take pride in the quality of the goods we sell, we also provide FREE service warranty for 6 months post purchase. Any minor repairs and maintenance checks needed during this period will be covered by us. As long as the damages were not caused by you, you can get it free of charge!

Buyback Guarantee

This is a Guarented exclusive scheme designed to give some financial protection to our customers. When you buy a product from us and for whatever reasons, you decide you no longer want it, we will buy it back from you for a prefixed amount. However, this buyback scheme will stand valid for a specific time frame only. It could be 6 months or a year and typically varies from product to product.

After sales support

We don’t just sell goods to you and disappear. As long your warranty stands valid and the product is still within buyback period, we will always be just a phone call away. Our skilled team of customer care professionals will guide you through any potential hiccup you may face.

If the above mentioned points don’t steer you in our direction, why don’t you browse Guarented’s sofa catalog? You won’t look for sofas anywhere else after this!

And The Discount Is…

* Drum rolls please*





FLAT INR 1,000/- off on every 5 seater sofa in our catalog! That’s right you heard it correctly! Place your orders now and get a thousand rupees off. The offer is valid only till stocks last and will be subject to T&C.

Why don’t you head over to the Guarented Shop and take a look at some of our other products too! We promise to never disappoint if you choose to shop with us. Cheers!

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