Modern Benches And Pouffes!

A well-crafted bench or pouffe in the right addition is a perfect addition to any room! For those unaware, a bench is an elongated seating utility and if often made of wood or metal. Meanwhile, a pouffe is a cushioned footstool which can sometimes have a cavity inside to be used as storage. Together, they make for a nice duo that fit well into corners.

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Pouffes! Tiny Pieces That Pack A Punch!

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Pouffes are sometimes also called as Ottomans. While there are minor structural differences, for the purposes of this article, they can be interchangeably used. Like we said before, pouffes are footstools or really low seats, that just underwent a major makeover. They come in various designs, sometimes they provide storage, sometimes they have wheels attached to their feet. Their anatomies may not have changed much, but their appearances have undergone a stellar transformation over the years.

Pouffes are the perfect companions for high-backed chairs that are seen in reading corners. They are also great around coffee tables or beside sofas in living rooms.

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Bespoke Benches

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Benches have always been popular as an outdoorsy type of furniture. But of late, benches have made a major comeback and are being used indoors as well. More and more people are opting to place a bench instead of chairs around dining tables. They seat more people than individual chairs and are perfect for kids because they are easy to climb on and off. 

Traditionally, benches lacked armrests and even backrests and were a simple piece carved either out of stone or wood. Today, their anatomy has evolved as have their fashion statements. From varying sizes to materials, benches now come with armrests, ornate legs, and some high-end ones even have charging points on their sides!

Today, design houses come up with more and more elegant and multifunctional designs for furniture. Benches are no different. If you’ve been looking for a bench that can double as shoe storage or bookshelf, you name it, we can craft it for you. Guarented takes pride in being able to create custom furniture that is tailormade to suit the needs of our customers
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Guarented At Your Service

For luxury ottomans, pouffes and benches, get in touch with Guarented. Our custom furniture feature lets users design the furniture of their dreams! Whatever your requirement is, we’re more than confident that we’ll be able to craft it for you!

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