Modern Sofa Set Designs And Ideas

We’ve already covered hundred-odd topics on sofas alone, but we’re not bored of them just yet. We’ll probably do a 100 more because this is one category of furniture that will never stop trending. Modern sofa designs for living room are reaching epic levels of creativity. As a company that takes pride in the furniture they produce, we did not want to fall behind when it comes to coming up with innovative ideas for the best sofa design.

Best sofa design

The Raw Materials

If anything has undergone a massive change in the last several years, it is the choice of raw materials for building anything for human use. As a race, we have finally realized the dangers of being ignorant about climate change and environmental pollution and we are much more woke now. Every consumer product reflects this realization and today, from packaging to furniture, the raw materials we pick are more eco-friendly than they were several decades back.
Photo of 3 seater sofa

Natural materials like cane, soft & dense wood types and other materials that don’t leave a bad footprint are prime choices. As a company dealing with the manufacturing of furniture, we are keen on doing our part to ensure that the environment doesn’t take a hit. This is why our custom furniture feature allows customers to pick every single material that will be used in the sofas they want us to craft for them. From the design to the raw-materials – the customer gets full power. 

Dimensions, Sizes & Uses

7 Seater sofa
Modern sofas stand out mostly in terms of designs, but have you noticed that the standard dimensions have been undergoing much change of late? That is because space is getting scarce by the minute and with that, our homes too have shrunk in sizes. Grand furniture has taken a backseat and this has made way for sleek, compact and multipurpose furniture. 

Sofas that can be folded & expanded, sofas that serve as both bed and seating arrangement, sofas that come in specific siz

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