Most Important Factor While Searching For Your Dream Sofa

A lot goes into decorating and furnishing a home. Not just money, but thought too. First-time homeowners, or even people who just started with jobs and are in the process of setting up a home that is rented, often end up clueless about how and where to begin. Very often, the first room you furnish or the room that gets the most attention in the living room. And by extension, the furniture that gets placed there. Sofas or couches are one of the most popular categories of furniture due to this reason. Each year, furniture houses come up with more and more creative and innovative designs hoping to woo customers.

If you’re on the hunt for a new sofa that fits perfectly into your home, here’s an article that can help guide you through the various steps involved in picking the right sofa. From budget, to design, to the right materials – quite a lot of thought should go into selecting a sofa for your home. 

Without much ado, let’s begin!

The Price

For most people, the price is the first parameter. Everyone begins by fixing a budget and then they proceed with browsing options within that range. This is definitely a great approach as it helps avoid overspending and then causing a crunch in your savings. 

A decent sofa would cost around 15-25K. There are options that are cheaper but we’re not very sure how durable the materials would be given their cheaper price. 15-25 would be a fairly affordable range for most average Indians. You can even get a custom sofa made with materials you picked and in a design, you created/chose in this price range. Just drop an email to Guarented and we’ll take it from there.

The Materials

This is yet another important factor that goes into picking a good sofa. Traditionally, furniture products were made with hardwood varieties. Teak, mahogany, mango wood, ebony and even softer wood types too. Naturally occurring materials were the most popular choices. Of late, given the shortage of said naturally occurring wood types and with the introduction of synthetic and more durable materials, anything from plastic to processed wood has become a popular choice. 

That said hardwoods are hands down, the best option. They are dense, resistant to pest attacks and are super durable. But the downside is that they are very expensive and heavy. Unless you are not planning to change your sofa for the next 10 yrs, it makes no sense in investing so much money.

The other viable options are a cane, bamboo, mango wood, rubberwood, MDF and even metal furniture. These materials are budget-friendly, they can last for a couple of years and are often much lighter than dense wood types. 

Like with the base materials, what goes in between and on top, the filling and upholstery namely are equally important. High-density foam is a very popular choice now. They come in various grades and the quality obviously increases with price. The same is the case with upholstery, leather is the most expensive and durable material. However, maintaining leather is going to get as expensive as purchasing it. So your budget-friendly options are BMW, leatherette, rexine and breathable ones like velvet, jute, etc.

What Do You Intend To Use Your Sofa As?

Just for your guests to be seated while they visit you? An emergency bed? A sofa by the day and bed by night? A lot of these factors decide the shape, dimension, and build of the sofas. If they’re just to seat your guests, a regular 5 seater that comes in two singles and one large three-seater will do. IF the three-seater is fairly big, it can double as a bed when there’s an emergency. 

If you regularly have guests coming over, invest in an l-shaped sofa. They make for great beds and are comfy for lounging around too. They also make any space look quite posh! And finally, if you plan to use your sofa as your bed, get a sofa-cum-bed. They come in an easy to expand/retract design which lets you fold and unfold them as you wish. They also save a lot of space and are great if you have a multifunctional theme going on.

The Post Sale Support

Up until now, we’ve been discussing the aspects of the sofas themselves before picking a model. But no matter what design or budget your sofa comes in, the one factor that you cannot overlook is the support the seller gives you post-purchase.

Sofas do require maintenance and if they come with no form of warranty or budget protection, you may end up spending a lot from your own pocket. So always go with a seller that looks out for the customer’s benefit. Telephonic support,  service warranty, free delivery, free pickup etc are great to have.

It is always a good idea to check a seller’s reputation online and going through the reviews and testimonials left by customers. It should get you a rough idea about their business and what people think about their products.

Get Your Dream Sofa From Guarented!

No matter what shape, size, design, and materials you want in your sofa, Guarented can always craft it for you. With our custom furniture feature, you get the power to decide everything about the sofa you want. All you need to do is drop us an email. In the meantime, you can browse Guarented’s amazing collection of sofas available both in Hyderabad and Bangalore! 

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