Nervous About Buying A Sofa Online? Here Are 5 Tips To Help You Find A Perfect Sofa Online

With the recent boom in the e-commerce sector, it is no surprise that everything we need in our daily lives, except maybe medical care is starting to be available online. Household products and furniture too are no different. Many companies that focus exclusively on furniture have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the e-commerce space in very little time. That said, the average Indian is still apprehensive about making expensive purchases online. The constant worry of “will I get what I was shown” nags at their thoughts ultimately making them resort to purchasing from showrooms. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and spare cash to buy super expensive furniture products, particularly sofas from showrooms

For such people, limitations on time and money making online shopping their best bet at getting what they want. If you fall into this category, here are 5 tips that will help you get the right product in the right budget.

#1 Decide On A Design Or Model

Don’t start aimlessly browsing for sofas without even a little bit of idea about what you want. Take a look at the space you plan to keep the sofa in. Understand the colors used in the room and what design or color should the sofa ideally be. Take a picture of the space if need be and use online tools to get an idea of what sofa would look best there.

There’s nothing wrong with aimlessly browsing and then buying a sofa that you like. But that would mean additional work if the sofa fails to meet your expectation. Best set clear aims beforehand.

#2 Set A Budget

The sheer variety and gorgeousness of products displayed online is enough to lead a simple man astray. Before you know it, you’ll be in debt buying that drool-worthy leather couch. That does not look very good on your finances. To avoid being carried away, always set a budget. 15k is a good number to start with.

You can leave a little margin to permit spending a little extra should you find something that is perfect. But try your best to not stretch the budget too much.

#3 Measure The Space & The Path Leading Up To The Space

It is common sense to measure the space you plan to keep your sofa in. But not measuring the doorways, checking for service elevators, stairways and other relevant aspects could mean trouble. After all, what is the point if the sofa fits your room perfectly but can’t be carried in there?

The sofa you are purchasing requires assembling, make sure you double check what the final dimensions will be. Most sites display such information under product details. But if you have doubts, check with the customer support team.

#4 What Is The Sofa Made Out Of?

Most people just go by the aesthetics and totally overlook finding out what the sofa is made out of. The durability is often determined by the materials used in making the core of the sofa. Hardwood and other natural dense wood types are the ones that last longest. However, they are expensive. Engineered wood types like MDF, ply etc are great for making products that need to last a decade at max. For lightweight furniture, go for wrought iron.

Always check if the material used for upholstery is breathable or at least easy to maintain. Otherwise, you’ll be spending hours cleaning it only to have it replaced pretty soon.

#5 Pick A Reputable Vendor

Online or otherwise, vendor reputation is the primary factor that decides the quality of products and services you’ll get. Ideally, go with someone who is not just a recognized name in the industry, but also someone who is willing to give additional perks.

Guarented is a company that has been in the sale of furniture and appliances for quite long. We recently forayed into furniture manufacturing and have been doing exceptionally well. We take pride in the fact that our products are not just superior in quality, we are proud that we’re able to give them to our customers at super affordable prices.

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