Newly Married? Here’s How You Can Set Your Home Up In 3 Easy Steps!

Congratulations on entering into holy matrimony! We wish you and your partner all the joy in life! Now that all the festivities and gift unwrapping is done, reality will set in soon and that means you two are now going to be setting up and running your own home! Most of us grow up dreaming about the things we’d do once we get our own home but the truth is running and maintaining a home is tough work. It takes skill, planning and most of all, resources. So if you’re somewhere in between “Oh no, what do I do?” and calling your parents endlessly to get tips, this is just the piece you need to read today.

Begin With Furnishing

And by that we mean, get things functional. What counts as a basic requirement? Furniture, appliances, and cooking set up. Everything else comes next. You’ll need something to sit on, something to store your stuff in and arrangements for cleaning your clothes and other miscellaneous tidying chores. So with that in mind, here’s the list of things you need to get first.

  • Washing machine
  • Fridge
  • Beds
  • Wardrobes
  • Sofa/chairs
  • A dining table would be great as well

Yes, this is going to be exhausting and expensive. So this is where you do your research and spend wisely. IF you don’t have the budget just yet for buying, Guarented will be more than happy to rent everything to you at a nominal per month charges. In fact, we have readymade packages for 1,2 & 3 BHK homes. So in under a few clicks, you’ll get everything you need for the new home – washing machine, fridge, bed, mattress, microwave, everything necessary!

The second option, which is again a budget-friendly one is that you can buy refurbished appliances. Appliances cost a lot more than furniture and buying them brand new will cost a bomb. Companies like ours specialize in refurbishing and restoring gently used appliances and then releasing them in the market at affordable prices. We’re probably your best bet at premium quality, used appliances.

And finally, if the furniture is something you give a lot of value you and if you’re someone who carefully picks pieces to build a home that reflects your persona – you will find that custom furniture works best. If this is true, send us your designs and we’ll manufacture it for you. At prices that are much lesser than what big brands would charge!

Next Comes Organizing

Think Marie Kondo. Organizing is a fun activity and it’s highly useful because it’s easier to find things. Imagine rummaging through the entire house looking for that emergency lamp when the power goes out? So much fun right? We thought not.

The only rules you have are –

1) Everything has a place

2) Everything is neatly folded/arranged/kept.

You’re probably already owning clothes, accessories and other miscellaneous stuff. But you’ll be buying more. Kitchen utensils, cloth drying stands, toolkits and other things that a home needs. So first and foremost, try not to go crazy shopping. Make a list of things you absolutely need and STICK TO THAT LIST. Even if something is on sale, don’t get it unless you desperately need it.

Organizing your kitchen is probably going to take time. Indians cook with so many spices and masalas that your mind boggles merely trying to remember their names, let alone the places you kept them in. And if you’re new to the whole cooking scene, and can’t tell your dals apart get some labels ( the author of this article is someone who messes up the simple task of boiling water, so this article comes from experience). Name everything after consulting with experts (mothers) and study the whole arrangement with your spouse. That way, at least one of you will remember where that garam masala is hiding.

Personalizing Comes Last

This is the most fun part! You get to let your creativity run wild and personalize the rooms. This is what truly makes a house a home. Put up some photos ( use double sided tape if you can’t drill), add curios you’ve collected while traveling, paint a picture, do whatever you want! ( As long as you’ve taken prior permission from your landlord). Like we said, go wild. This is where you’ll spend most of your time unwinding and doing mundane everyday things, so make your home anything except boring!

Remember, Guarented Is On Standby

We’re here to cover all your furniture needs. And by that we mean. You want a shelf that is shaped like Harry Potter’s scar made out of engineered wood? We’re your guy. So get started! Make this a fun chore! It could be one of those couple activity that you two can do over the weekend! And don’t forget to share pictures when you’re done!


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