Winter Care Tips For Your Home & Appliances

If you’re in Bangalore, we’re sure you’ve started noticing the drop in temperature. As we head deeper into the winter season, we’re going to rely more and more on our home and our household appliances, especially around the Holiday season. So if you’re gearing up for a decent festival season after last year’s pandemic struck … Read more

The Many Benefits Of Renting Kids Furniture

Parents of newborn children often go on a shopping spree before the infant arrives. It is a necessary part of parenting. Newborns need special gear, special furniture, and pretty much special everything. While most parents stop at nothing to make sure that their little bundles of joy are comfortable, there’s probably a steep price to … Read more

Creating a Furniture Piece That’s Unique to You

Gone are the days of filling your house with regular boring furniture that’s picked from a generic furniture store. More and more people are opting to buy furniture that’s custom made for them to meet their design requirements and match their personas. Such custom-made furniture is all the rage for the right reasons. Think about … Read more

The Era Of Modern Entertainment Units

No home is complete without a spot for entertainment. Modern homes have made an art out of setting up entertainment/recreational spots. The more elaborate ones come with home theatres, high-end sound systems, overhead lighting – you name it. However, such setups are often impractical for smaller homes. If you are looking for ways to set … Read more

Picking The Right Mattress For Yourself

Looking to buy mattresses online? Or are you planning on renting one? There are a few things you must know before you go ahead and spend big bucks on a nice fancy mattress. So, let’s begin. But before that, ask yourself whether you have a medical condition that mandates a particular type of mattress, say … Read more

Staying Productive While Working From Home

Unlike an office, a home presents a completely different environment to someone trying to perform professional duties. While you may be more comfortable at home, distractions are plenty and that means getting into a productive and ‘wired-in’ mode is easier said than done. If you’ve been wondering how to improve your productivity while working from … Read more

Direct-To-Consumer Furniture

Direct to consumer (DTC) products are those that cut out all the middle-men and a host of other parties. In doing so, DTC manufacturers avoid intermediaries to give customers a chance to buy products at affordable prices. In the furniture industry, such intermediaries can cause a significant rise in the final price of the furniture … Read more