Picking The Right 5 Seater Sofa Online

Sofas are one of the most popular furniture products purchased online. You’ll find that leading websites that sell furniture often have the largest number of products under the living room furniture category. If you are someone who is looking to buy a 5 seater sofa online in Bangalore, you would have realised by now that there are enough options to confuse an average buyer. So this article is going to help everyone who is trying to buy a sofa set online. Don’t worry, our tips are simple and mindful of everyone’s budgets. So let’s get started.

Pick A Reputable Seller

This can single-handedly help you avoid a lot of hassles. With good reputation comes a certain guarantee that products and services will be fairly decent at the very least. You will face lesser hassles, you will have good customer support and the products too will be great in terms of quality.

And how exactly do you pick a reputable vendor? Well, customer reviews and ratings on the internet. While they are not always dependable, if you notice quite a lot of people praising a company’s services, there’s bound to be some truth in it. Any company with a 4+/5 rating and enough number of good reviews should be a good bet.

Select The Right Size

No matter how beautiful, a sofa too big to fit in your living room will always be a bad buy. Keep in mind that sofa sets are large, heavy pieces of furniture. Transporting them to your home and having to take them back to the warehouse will be a difficult task even if done for free. Let’s be mindful of the effort involved and avoid making purchases that are sure to not fit in the space you want it to fit.

Hence, always make it a point to measure the space you plan to keep your sofa in. And then only select sofas which would leave at least a 2 feet gap from the walls. Otherwise, it will be hard to move around the sofa which would make the room look crowded while also making it inconvenient to function around.

Give Some Attention To Personal Requirements

Got kids who are constantly running around? Make sure you get a sofa with soft edges and potential injury causing projections. Got senior citizens at home? Make sure you get a sofa with enough back support and one with a structure that makes sitting down and getting up easy. The point is, only you are aware of your needs, so make it a priority to give those needs enough thought while picking a sofa.

Some folks use their couches as an extra bed when unexpected guests arrive. So you’ll need at least one 3 seaters or you’ll need an L shaped couch. Single seaters are not great enough for sleeping on unless they have a reclining feature.

Colour & Style

Experts recommend using a neutral coloured sofa if you are yet to figure out what style or theme you want for your living room. Neutral sofas can be styled in a hundred different ways by using combinations of differently coloured cushions, drapes, sofa covers and more! On the downside, neutral shades like pale grey, pastels, and light shades get soiled very quickly. Unless the surface material can be wiped clean easily, you’ll have a tough time keeping it clean with kids around.

And if you are looking for something requiring very little maintenance, go with a classic faux leather sofa in black or dark brown. They are pieces that will never go out of style and are quite easy to maintain as well. And like the neutral ones, black and brown sofas can be easily styled!

Guarantee On Product Quality

Brand new products always come with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, the high-end design houses price their sofas quite exorbitantly. This means that not everyone can afford them. But don’t worry. With startups stepping into the furniture retail space, there has been quite a change these days. Premium quality furniture has now been made affordable by cutting out the need for having showrooms and thereby cutting down on staff salary and other expenses. Which makes the final price for furniture products quite less.

This in no way means that the product quality suffers. In fact, such furniture selling startups offer perks that more than match the ones offered big design homes.

We’ve Got Something For Everyone’s Budget

Guarented has always aimed to provide premium quality furniture at prices that everyone can afford, even students for that matter. All our sofas are priced affordably and come with perks like free service warranty for an entire year, a Buyback guarantee that agrees to buy the product back from you for a fixed sum of money if you sell within a year and of course, excellent customer support throughout your transactions with us.

Before we say more, we strongly recommend that you take a look at Guarented’s collection of amazing sofas and decide for yourselves. We really hope that you find the sofa you want on our site. And we look forward to doing business with you! Cheers!

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