Picking The Right Mattress For Yourself

Looking to buy mattresses online? Or are you planning on renting one? There are a few things you must know before you go ahead and spend big bucks on a nice fancy mattress. So, let’s begin. But before that, ask yourself whether you have a medical condition that mandates a particular type of mattress, say an orthopedic one, you may need professional help in choosing one. But otherwise, here are some options you can consider.

Understanding A Mattress

Mattresses come in varying sizes, thicknesses, builds, and more. But fundamentally, all mattresses have the following four parts. The topmost layer serves the purpose of comfort so it’s very soft and cushiony. The layer just beneath that are often various types of foams stacked on top of each other for extra comfort and often decides the thickness of the entire mattress. And then comes the springs which give the mattress that bouncy feel. And finally an encasing around the whole mattress that not only acts as a protector but also keeps the whole thing together.

The quality and durability of the material in each layer are often what decides the price of the whole mattress. There are affordable versions with lower thickness and really premium ones that can even be used without a bed frame. Irrespective of what mattress you chose, you need to pick the right vendor to purchase it from. Mattresses require post-sales care and if you buy from a company like Guarented, you not only get premium quality and affordable prices, you get a free service warranty that covers occasional maintenance charges & more! And not to mention great customer service before, during, and after your mattress purchase!

Buy A Mattress

Buy a mattress

Head to the Guarented shop to browse our collection of mattresses. When you shop with Guarented, you get the following benefits – 

  • Free service warranty
  • A buyback guarantee that offers to buy the product back from you for a predetermined price should you wish to upgrade/dispose it of in within a year.
  • Excellent customer service
  • Doorstep delivery, easy returns & best prices in town!

Rent A Mattress


Rent a mattress

If you want to rent a mattress because buying is out of your budget just yet, Guarented’s can offer premium mattresses to you on rent! With prices starting at just Rs. 119/- month, this is your chance to get yourself some quality sleep! When you rent with Guarented, you get the following-

  • Doorsterp delivery/pickup
  • Affordable monthly rent, the longer you rent, the lesser you pay.
  • Rent to own. This is a Guarented exclusive feature that allows customers to buy the products they’ve been renting. Each time they make a rent payment, a portion of that goes towards the item’s sales price. So the longer you rent, the lesser you get to buy it for.
  • Easy upgrades. Want a bigger mattress, just visit our website, pick a new one to replace the one you are currently renting and done! The monthly rent get’s updated and you get a new mattress delivered to you.
  • Excellent customer service, free service warranty throughout your rental tenure & more!

Get Started!

Visit our website and you can rent/shop for a premium mattress right away! And don’t forget to follow us on social media to get the latest updates on discounts, sales & seasonal offers!

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