Productivity During Lockdown: Use Your Time To Design A Home Makeover

COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill. Who would have thought that an organism, mere nanometres in size will have the ability to make humans rethink their lifestyles and priorities. As the whole world practices social distancing and as governments impose lockdowns to varying degrees, people now have more time to stay at home and just chill. However, being forced to stay indoors with limited human contact is not something everyone enjoys. It does affect your mental health. Which is why, now more than ever, it is important to keep yourself productively occupied and stimulated. 

And what better way to do that than plan a home makeover! Don’t let the words home makeover scare you. Trust us, it can be as extensive as a full-on interior design project with professional help or it can be something simple as designing your own furniture to suit your very specific needs. Whichever you choose to do, here’s how you can get started. 

Interior Decoration Services With Guarented

Interior designing is a passion for some. It involves combining the science of structural design, light and the homeowner’s personal traits to create a space that makes one feel at home. If you just booked a home for yourself or if you’ve been thinking about giving your home a makeover, lockdown would be the best time to sit down, organize your ideas and set the plan into motion.

Jot down all the ideas you have, requirements about the nature of the material to be used and any other inputs you may have. Once you have your notes ready, get in touch with our team. You can fill a simple form on our website. And someone in our team will get in touch with you very soon. 

Guarented has a host of interior designing services. From homes to offices, to individual rooms, we do it all! We have packages for all kinds of budgets too. We promise to complete the project on time and hand it over back to you just the way you want it!

Mini Home Makeover 

Want to liven up just a corner? Or maybe give the kids’ room a makeover? This might not require an entire interior designing team. If you have some furniture designs or even modifications to products you saw in our catalog, Guarented will be more than happy to craft them for you! 

You can send us reference images, hand-drawn ones work too, along with instructions on what material to use, what color and any other specifications you may have. With these inputs from you, we’ll get our uber-skilled team of artisans, carpenters and technicians to work on your designs and give you the furniture of your dreams!

Get Creative. Get Designing.

We understand how difficult the lockdown seems. There’s a sense of dread hanging in the air. Everyone’s worrying if they have enough groceries, some are wondering if they have been potentially exposed, some are trying their hand at new things, and a lot of us are worrying about the recession. These may be valid concerns, but stress helps no one. 

Social distancing helps your physical health by reducing the chances of coming into contact with the infection. But isolation is hard on your mental health. You have to mate an active effort to keep yourself occupied to avoid other health issues like depression, lethargy and more. Make no mistake, we’re slightly worried too. But we cannot let the stress get the better of us.

Team Guarented wishes everyone the very best in the coming months. We’re available on email or call if you need assistance with furniture or home designing. Cheers!

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