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Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2019 will be a great year for you guys! If you just moved to a new home in Bangalore and are looking for budget-friendly ways to furnish your home, you’ve landed at the right place! Getting furniture on rent in Bangalore is not a difficult task. There are plenty of vendors out there who provide this service. However, picking a good reputable vendor who provides decent service at affordable prices is kind of vital. Which is why you should go with Guarented. Here’s why the good people of Bengaluru think that Guarented is one of the best furniture rental startups in town.

#1 Super Affordable Prices

We were one of the first companies to price our products in an affordable fashion so that even students and those with extremely tight budgets can furnish their homes with good quality products. Our monthly rentals start from as low as around INR 500 a month.

Guarented has always placed the interests of the customer first. So not just our prices, our services too have been designed in such a way that a customer’s budget always stays protected.

#2 Service Warranty

Unlike other vendors, we don’t expect the customers to be supportless once the product has been delivered to them. Instead, we offer a free service warranty as long as they rent from us. With this feature, all minor repairs and replacements which were caused due to no fault of the customer’s will be carried out by us for free.

Talk about additional budget protection :). All that the customer has to do is give us a phone call detailing the fault/defect and we’ll arrange for a technician to come over to your place to take a look at the product and fix it.

#3 Free Relocation

Since young people tend to move around a lot, we understand that it is difficult and not to mention, expensive to haul all the household stuff and move from one place to another. So to help our customers out a bit, we offer a free relocation service wherein all products rented from us will be moved to your new home as long as it is within Bangalore city limits.

Which means if everything in your home (apart from clothes and personal belongings) is rented from us, you could have appliances and furniture moved for free! This also means that you get to save tons which would otherwise be spent on hiring professional packers and movers!

#4 Rent To Own

You know how some of those apps come with a trial period where you get to use it for a small fee for a few days following which you can purchase it if you totally love it? Well, we have something similar. Every product you rent with us comes with a rent to own feature which lets you buy it from us if you love it!

Each time you pay the monthly rent, a portion of it goes towards the sales price. So the longer you have been renting, the lesser will be the price you get to buy it for.

Check Out The Guarented Website

Why keep reading about it, when you can go directly to the Guarented’s catalogue and see the amazing products for yourself! And don’t worry, we’re quick with shipping and delivery. Your orders will be delivered to you soon! So hurry! Our New Year sale is still on, you might as well make the best out of it. Cheers!

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