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Most of the articles we’ve written so far on washing machines always had an opening line that talked about how vital washing machines are to us. So we’re sure that there’s no need to repeat that again. And now, let’s get straight to the point. Among washing machines, front load models are considered to be a bit more efficient than semi-automatic and top load variants. However, front load washing machines are also the more expensive ones. If you are on the lookout for budget-friendly, quality used front loading washing machines, this article is just what you need.

You are probably aware by now that Guarented is a company that sells used household appliances and brand new furniture products. If you are in the city of Bangalore, you might be aware that there are many companies and independent vendors here who sell used appliances. An average consumer would easily be confused about which company/seller to pick when shopping for used washing machines. So here’s why we think the good people of Bangalore should shop with us.

#1 Premium Quality

Sellers who advertise their washing machines through classifieds sites are often homeowners who are just trying to get rid of old appliances so that they could get an upgraded product. Such sellers may not always get their old machine tested before sale. This means that they are selling it with whatever defects or inefficiencies that it could have sustained during use.

When you buy with Guarented, the goods are guaranteed to perform well. Why? Because we subject our products to extensive quality testing and refurbishing to ensure that they are nothing less than fully functional and well polished to look great as well.

#2 Nearly Brand New

At Guarented, we source our appliances from trusted e-commerce platforms. We auction appliances that customers of such e-commerce players returned to them immediately after unboxing due to colour mismatches or other incompatibilities. So these are products that were taken out of their packaging only to be returned after a few uses or even before they were used. Since they were taken out of their packaging, they can no longer be sold as brand new, even though they practically are.

We auction such goods, do an extra round of QA testing and put it up on our site for sale. Our customers, therefore, get nearly brand new goods at highly slashed prices!

#3 We Have A 24-hr “No Questions Asked Return Policy”

Post delivery of the product you ordered from us, you feel that the product isn’t what you had in mind, you can return it to us within the next 24 hrs without any hassles. Unlike other vendors, we do not insist on giving us specific and convincing reasons on why the product is being returned.

We are totally understanding of the fact that online shopping could still leave people a little confused about what the product could look like in real life. And we are totally cool with having the product returned to us immediately after delivery if the product does not suit your needs.

#4 We Have A Buyback Guarantee As Well

Life is unpredictable. What if you need to discontinue using the washing machine after a few months or even a year because you are shifting to a new city? When that happens, you’ll need to find a way to sell your washing machine off by either spreading the word yourself or posting an ad on classifieds sites. Either way, you’ll have to go through the process of negotiating the price with potential buyers and in some cases, having to arrange delivery of the product too. Both ways, are quite troublesome.

If you buy your washing machine from Guarented, you can always return it to us for a predetermined sum of money. We have a unique feature called the Buyback guarantee. It allows customers to return goods purchased from us for a fixed amount of money anytime before a year since the date of delivery. We’re actually quite lenient with this, even if you want to dispose of the product after a year, you can always get in touch and ask for a buyback. However, a new price will be quoted after our technician inspects the product.

#5 Free Service Warranty For A Year!

Purchase your washing machine from us, we promise to provide you with a free service warranty for a whole year since the date of delivery. Anytime you need a minor repair or a maintenance check, you can get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do for you!

We are very confident about the products we sell and we’re sure that they’ll perform as expected. This is the reason why we offer this free service.

Get Started! Shop Your Washing Machine With Guarented

Browse Guarented’s awesome collection of front load washing machines and place your orders right away! We promise to be quick with delivery and also to provide efficient customer support throughout the process! So hurry! And don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay updated about all our offers and discounts. Cheers!

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