Why You Should Rent Before You Buy Something

As humans, we are always cautious about the things we buy. We have a million questions on the quality, cost and worth of everything we want to buy. We read reviews online, we compare prices of products in the same category and after enough research that would put the medical field to shame, we buy something only to end up disappointed later. So we’re wondering, why doesn’t it ever occur to us to rent something similar before and trying it out buying something? This cannot be applied to all purchases of course, but at least some goods can be tried and tested before we shell out cash to own it. Makes sense right?

The “Try before you buy” scheme has been around for sometime. Mostly in western markets though. Indians are yet to open up to this idea when it comes to expensive goods like furniture and appliance. Imagine the benefits we would reap if we had the opportunity to rent a product for a few months before making the big buy. Maybe in three months we won’t even need that product! But how would you know if you never got the opportunity to test it.

With the onset of the eCommerce industry, customers are getting more and more frustrated with the differences in what they are promised and what they get in hand. So, now is the perfect time to incorporate the “Try before you buy” habbit into our shopping patterns. Guarented wanted to enlighten our readers about the benefits for first renting before buying a product. Of course this may only apply to movable assets. But here goes –

1. Builds Trust

Between consumer and company, trust is a vital element to have. Imagine that you buy a promising product from a new company? Things could go either way. If all goes well, good. But nobody knows how it is going to go. Which is why trust in a company and their product is vital before you give them your hard earned money to buy something.

Renting is a good way to build trust. You’ll get to experience the product first hand. You’ll get to know how the company treats its customers and what services they offer. Ain’t that a lot better than finding that out after you’ve bought it?

2. Increase Comfort Level

A product may look promising at first sight. It could even look perfect for you, but you would never really know unless you take it home and use it for some days. Disappointment setting in after the product is brought home is not uncommon, especially among the Indian Junta.

Renting would be the perfect opportunity to not just test the product but also test if it would meet your requirements and to check if it has a place in your home.

3. Introduces More Options

What if you purchase a product and a week later, a better upgrade comes out and a low introductory price? You’d curse your stars for not having waited a week more. Not that you always need the version that is on top of its class. But sometimes it makes sense to keep the product with you until your are sure that you want the same thing even if an upgrade may come out at some later point. Renting allows you to do that and makes you more aware of the choices you have around you.

4. Benefits Short Term Users

Suppose you need a really expensive item for only a few months or even a year. It wouldn’t make sense to pay big bucks to take it home and then struggling to sell it off at a much lower price later. Immovable assets may not depreciate, but for other categories of goods, especially furniture and appliance, the depreciation after just one year is significant. Even if the product is still in brand new condition, nobody would give it a good price.

5. Easy On The Pocket

For young people, who just started out with their careers, buying everything they need for a comfortable stay is hard. Not just the finances, the hassles that come with owning all that furniture and appliances are big. They’ll need to arrange a repair service for each time the product fails and each time they want to shift houses, they’ll have to find packers and movers. It’s hard on the pocket and it adds to the stress.

For such people who are not ready to settle just yet and have limited finances, rented goods are a godsend. It’s easy on the pocket and brings with it no hassle at all. Guaranteed Rentals offers free relocation and repair/maintenance services. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

It’s Time We Changed Our Shopping Habits

We could take a hint from the west and start renting products before we take a leap and buy the product. The benefits, trust us, are significant. It will help you avoid a lot of falls, bad sales and not to mention, money.

In line with this thought, Guaranteed Rentals recently introduced the Rent-To-Own scheme that allowed customers to buy whatever they were renting. This way, a customer is 100% sure about the purchase because he has it right in his home and he has used it for quite some time. The scheme’s been around only for a short while, but it’s a huge hit already. And that alone speaks volumes about the willingness people show to buy a product that they know closely.

So if you’ve been contemplating the purchase of furniture or an appliance, rent it from us first. If it suits your needs, you can buy it from us at a price that is much lower than anywhere else. And if you are already renting with us, approach us to find out what the sales price of your product is.


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