Rent or Buy Appliances – The Big Question Every Homeowner Asks Themselves

Moving into a new home is a lot of work. If you’ve seen friends and family groaning before their big move and wondering why there isn’t any excitement visible, it is because there’s so much work involved and so much to do that all the happiness just vanishes. Add to this is the big question of renting or buying appliances, and homeowners spend days weighing the pros and cons.

Whether youngsters moving cities to study or work, young couples setting up new homes or professionals frequently getting transferred due to work commitments, basic furniture and appliances are something that people just cannot do without. This whole buying spree takes time and lots of money, something that not everyone is equipped to do nor wants to, given the quick way plans change.

In such a scenario renting is a much more affordable and feasible option for people, as opposed to an outright buy since it can all be put together quickly. Below are 3 other significant reasons why buying appliances may not be such a great idea when compared to renting.


Unlike furniture where some minor adjustments can be made in look and use to keep costs down, buying appliances needs to be well planned and nothing but the best. Refrigerators, ovens and other appliances are sold by plenty of brands, have different uses, and often vary as per the needs of the family. There’s also the cost factor to be considered when buying them, because each appliance with an additional functionality or part, has additional costs.


Unlike other things for the home, buying appliances is time intensive. You have to set several hours and days, looking around, comparing brands, comparing functionalities and features, working out costs and how to make payments. It often doesn’t happen in hours. Buying with great thought and purpose ensures what is bought lasts for years or it will end in much heartburn and running around for repairs and maintenance.


There are plenty of things around the house that wear and tear quickly, run their life in a few years or may need to be changed or altered as per changing decor and preferences. Appliances are often bought once and have to last a lifetime.  Ovens and fridges often outlive generations and unless purposes change or homes do, no one gives or sells them away.

When it comes to buying or renting appliances, the choice is always yours. Take the time to decide what you want to do. If your lifestyle doesn’t afford it, renting is always a better option.

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