5 Unique Attributes of Rental Platform Guarented

In the present global scenario, where everything is in a state of flux, people are increasingly moving out of their comfort zones and homes, taking up jobs in other cities and living in other places, companies such as Guarented offer rental solutions that perfectly suit such lifestyles and are a convenient option for busy working professionals.

Renting of furniture and appliances is perfect for shared economies of today. Giving the transient nature of people’s stay and the aversion to owning and carrying the extra baggage around, this affords them a flexible lifestyle. This is also easy, quick and hassle-free and works out much cheaper than buying furniture outright.

Below are 5 unique attributes of Guarented and why this rental platform is different from the rest.


Guarented’s rental platform for furniture and appliances is a very affordable option for people who are just starting out, have moved cities for the first time, young professionals and newly married couples. Because the monthly rentals are so affordable and optimised, it becomes easy for such people to spend as little as they can on furniture they really need, as opposed to buying it outright and spending huge sums. 

Renting a centre table for Rs.180 per month works out better than buying one for Rs.3000. Besides the fact that the table can be used as much as or as less as one wants, the cumulative costs for a year work out much cheaper. 


Guarented‘s rental plans are designed in such as way as to avoid them being strictly time bound. People who wish to rent out furniture can do so for any amount of time, from three months to two years after paying a small deposit. This is a very crucial factor for people who don’t quite know when the next job change will happen or when they might be required to move to a different city. 

With the rental plans from Guarented, the flexibility is seamless. Rental tenure can always be planned and narrowed or stretched as required. Guarented’s rental plans ensure that customers get a better deal on the goods if rented out for longer periods of time. 


While the process of buying furniture is often tedious and long, involving comparisons, making huge investments and buying stuff that lasts for a lifetime, with Guarented’s rental plans, it becomes easy for homeowners to rent furniture and appliances quickly and easily from the online platform. The process often takes only a few days or sometimes even hours and furniture delivered just as quickly.


While Guarented only offers a rental and lease service for its products, all of them are covered by our after-sales service warranty. As long as the goods are with the renters, Guarented can be contacted at anytime in case the appliance or furniture needs repairs or looking into. Therefore while regular furniture may need you to get personally involved in chasing repair personnel, calling up showrooms and sorting out the issue with loss of value and time, Guarented responds promptly. 

With just a call, Guarented logs in a repair ticket, sends repairmen, follows up on the issue and ensures it is all taken care of quickly and without a hassle.


One of Guarented‘s most unique feature is the ‘rent to own’, where renters can buy the furniture or appliance they have taken on lease at a nominal cost. Guarented calculates product price according to the time period of their use and retails them affordably. The longer the product is being rented out, the lesser amount to buy it from us.

Renting out products is fulfilling a defined purpose and works out better in the long run for people who are constantly changing the place they stay. Guarented has tailored products and services to suit people’s needs and align with their temporary requirements.

If you think that you aren’t going to live in Bangalore permanently and expect to be transferred or moved to other places, contact Guarented here to rent tables, chairs, beds and other kinds of furniture you need.

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