Renting & Buying Fridges – What’s the Difference?

A home today cannot do without a refrigerator. It is one of the most crucial appliances to own, given that much of our food and nutrition needs depend on one. The storage of food is important considering many of us are on the go, have little time to take care of our nutrition needs and depend on an appliance that doesn’t go through much downtime.

Once its decided to have a fridge for your home, the next question is about whether you need to buy one or rent one. As someone who has just moved into a new city, changed jobs or started a new family, buying things for the home can be tedious and time consuming. Besides, there’s so much else to do that you don’t want to be burdened with more.

Investing in a refrigerator is a wise investment considering the needs of your family Whether buying or renting one, it is one decision you can take after going through the pointers we have compiled below,


  • Buying refrigerators is always a preferred option, considering that this is one investment you will make for the longterm
  • Despite its importance, selecting the right one can be time consuming and tedious given the numerous models and types that are available
  • Whether single door or double-door fridge, this appliance needs to be bought considering people and needs of the home
  • The capacity and size may need to be changed when the family grows
  • Branded refrigerators have their own pros and cons. Some are great but may be too costly to own, while some others are reasonably priced but may have to be compromised on quality or capacity.
  • Repairing refrigerators can be difficult if they extend their warranty period
  • Costs of a new fridge are often humungous. A standard double-door fridge is priced anywhere between Rs.15,000 to Rs.50,000.


  • Renting fridges is a relatively new option, but it means investing small amounts every month only as per the use of the appliance and until the time required.
  • Fridges for rent are always available in top condition irrespective of the brand. Users can always choose to replace one model with another in case needs of the family aren’t met with
  • Renting fridges works on a flexible model, where the size and capacity can be scaled up or down depending on family’s needs
  • Refrigerators available for rent are always branded, come with a company warranty and are reasonable to own. With Guarented, costs for owning a fridge begin at Rs. 640 per month
  • Besides the small monthly investment, refrigerator rentals come with free delivery and maintenance. The monthly rentals therefore only cover use of the product
  • Renting refrigerators is the perfect thing to do for people who have just started earning, are sure about moving cities and just cannot carry their appliances and furniture with them

Having gone through all details, it is important to make an informed decision on how you want to go about buying such an essential appliance for your home, without compromising on quality and spending money that you don’t have with you at the moment. Renting fridges from Guarented is affordable, easy and does not involve too much stress.

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