How renting furniture works

How renting furniture works

When someone moves to a new city for a temporary project and need furniture just of the time that they are there, renting furniture is a good option. If buying furniture is a total waste of money, when a person needs it only for a year or two renting the furniture is the perfect option.

Listed below are the steps to rent furniture

Find a suitable renting company

Depending on the city, there are many furniture renting companies available both online and offline. The first step is to find the company that suits individual needs the best.

  • The first thing that the company will require is usually the pin code of the place. This verification is needed as often there are some restrictions as to where they deliver their furniture. It is important to enquire if the company delivers to the desired
  • The next thing they will require is the lease length or how long the furniture is needed for. Every company will have a minimum limit of lease required, usually at least a month. It is important to enquire if the company that provides the furniture is ok with the customers lease requirements.

The next step is to find out all the facilities provided by the company. There are many type of additional facilities that come with the company’s furniture lease, the least of which is delivering the furniture to the house.

  • Some companies provide shifting facility within the city limits.
  • Others provide free cleaning facility.
  • Furniture damage can be insured
  • Furniture exchanges are also possible.

Select the furniture

  • It is possible to choose furniture on rent for an entire house, or rent a few specific pieces that are needed.
  • A few companies provide packages that are designed for a specific room, like the living room or the kitchen.
  • If wanted it is possible to make your own packages where the selection is customised to the specification of the customer.
  • Furniture like beds, tables, cabinets, sofas, book shelves, shoe racks etc. can be rented.
  • The furnishings, such as mattresses, cushions, pillows etc can also be rented separately.
  • Some companies provide house wares and electronics, such as a television, microwave oven, washing machines etc.,


Once the selection is done, proceeding to checkout, a more detailed information is asked about the address, delivery date and personal billing information. This billing is usually done on the credit card.

People who are ordering online and wish to not provide the information online can often contact the helpdesk and get registered on the phone or contact them directly in person.

Confirmation & Scheduling

After the billing information is given, usually a customer service executive confirms order details review all instructions, delivery details, and clarifications.

Delivery and Set Up

They arrive on the scheduled delivery date to the address specified, and unload and place furniture in the home wherever desired. All the heavy work of setting up is usually a part of the package provided by the renting company.

Furniture Pick Up

In the case of an exchange, a call can be made to the company to exchange a piece of furniture. The company brings the furniture requested, replaces the old one and takes back the one that is not needed. Usually, the lease of furniture is renewed every month or a fixed duration. If the customer wants to end the lease, they can cancel the lease for the next month before hand and the company usually comes and picks up the furniture on the last date of the lease or before if specified. Usually, the cancellation of lease needs to be informed well in advance.

If the responsibility of owning furniture and transporting it wherever they go is a huge burden to people, then taking furniture on rent is often the best option for people. It is convenient, safe and costs less than actually buying the furniture on rent in Bangalore.

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