Second Hand Goods Are Rising In Demand

If recent studies are to be believed, then there’s a fact that surprised most Indians. Second hand goods are rising in popularity and that’s not just in our country, but across the globe. We are coming out of our conventional mindsets and embracing the idea of reusing household products. And that is nothing short of commendable!

Second hand goods and the myths around them are fast being debunked. This much needed change in attitude was triggered primarily because people started seeing sense in picking options that are affordable but not necessarily shiny and brand new. As long as something is functional, people no longer care about how many owners used the product beforehand.

Why Are Second Hand Goods Popular?

As per experts in the rental and recycled goods markets, here are the primary reasons why used goods are suddenly gaining popularity.


This is the primary and most obvious reason of all. Second hand goods are a tad cheaper than their first hand counterparts. And people do not see sense in paying extra for something just because it was unused. As long as the product functions the way it is supposed, it will do its job. Given that the cost difference is often more than marginal, second hand goods are the new favorites among everyone – young adults who are starting out with their careers, students and even people in their mid thirties and above.

Guarantee On Quality

Second hand goods are no longer sold in unregulated markets alone. Yes, there are still plenty of platforms out there where individuals get to sell their household products to others they meet via the Internet. However, established companies and startups have come forth to regulate aspects like quality and sanitation while also providing customer care. This means that used goods no longer are products that have no guarantee on quality.

Companies like Guarented acquire second hand products and put them through extensive refurbishing and sanitation treatments. We GUARANTEE that everything we rent out or sell is nothing but the best quality ever. So why waste your money on a new product which would probably look a little better but would be the same when it comes to function?

Customer Care

As we mentioned, when startups and established organizations stepped into the reused goods space, there was a face lift for the entire sector. Products that often entered the market because their owners’ primary objective was to dispose them off are now here because they have legit market value and demand.

Companies are willing to provide customer support for used goods. Guarented even provides free service warranty for 6 months on any product purchased with us! This is very similar to manufacturer’s warranty on new products. So you have everything a new product gives you at a fraction of the price.

Environmental Friendliness

We’re glad that this one dawned upon humankind. If everyone insists on buying new products each time their household goods get a dent or scratch, imagine the amount of electronic and other kinds of waste that would pile up?

We have limited trash processing capacities so we would do well to learn the beauty in reusing and recycling which in many ways, is the kindest thing you can do now to the world around you. Every year, tonnes of electronic waste gets generated by our country and we are struggling to find ways to destroy them without toxic fumes and byproducts escaping into the atmosphere.

Used Goods Are Sometimes New

Confused? What we mean to say is that companies like Guarented auction unboxed goods from ecommerce players and make them available on our platform. When an ecommerce player sells say a fridge to a customer, who returns it immediately after unboxing because it doesn’t fit in the designated space or if he, just didn’t like the product, that product will be returned to the seller.

Legally, it is wrong to sell that product as brand new, but technically the product is unused. We procure such products, refurbish and clean them and then sell them on our platform at a heavily discounted price. So the name second hand often doesn’t do justice to the quality of the product.

Try It To Believe It

Many of you have been renting our products and we take the liberty to assume that you’ve been nothing but impressed with the quality of our merchandise. We also assume you’ve been happy with our customer support team.

Our recently opened used goods platform too promises the same. Additionally, we’re willing to provide free service warranty for six whole months because that’s how sure we are about the quality of the products we sell. We encourage all of you to try and remember the Guarented used goods shop next time you need a household appliance or a furniture product. Instead of buying a new one, you can get them from us and we assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you for reading this write-up guys. Cheers!


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