Selecting The Right Foam Density For Furniture

Foam is an integral component of furniture crafting. It is what makes seats/chairs/sofas soft and cushiony and if not picked carefully, it could be too hard or too soft. Foam comes in an array of varieties. While preferences vary in the level of softness/hardness, quality of foam is often decided by factors such as longevity & ability to retain shape. 

If you’re hoping to get a custom furniture product made for yourself, foam should be one of the aspects you should research on. This article aims to make it easy for you to decide the type of foam based on the type of furniture. Let’s get started.

What Is Foam?

In furniture making, foam is the second layer (if you go from top to bottom) and is topped by the final sheath/upholstery fabric that wraps around the foam to give that finished look while also protecting foam from rips/tears and dust.

Foam is the core of any cushioned furniture product. It’s what gives you that feeling of comfort when you sink into a chair or sofa. In India, the most commonly used foam would be the polyurethane foam aka PU foam. Of late, memory foam has also become very popular in mattresses too. Foams come in varying densities, materials and thickness. While we cannot say one is better than the other, we can say that each has its own purpose and the ones that last longer would come at a higher price. 

How Do You Select Foam?

That would depend on your purpose. Sofas typically use high density PU foam, you can indeed get premium quality ones that will not sag easily. Mattresses use varying kinds of foam with PU foam mounted atop memory foam. The thicker your foam is, the more comfortable your mattress would be. Items like ottomans, reading chairs and seating benches tend to use harder foams to provide the necessary support.

Density does not always pertain to firmness. In fact density of foam is measured based on how much pressure per unit area the foam can take. The lifespan and comfort of foam is decided by density and thickness, so the higher the thickness/density, the more comfortable and durable it is.

Can Guarented Do Custom Products With Different Types Of Foam

Indeed! In fact, you can get in touch with us for any type of furniture or interior designing needs. Need some wardrobes in an oddly sized corner? We’ve got you covered. Need a sofa that turns into a bed? We’ve got you covered there too! In fact, email us your furniture design and we’ll manufacture it in the design, dimensions and choice of materials you pick! So join hands with Guarented get started with custom furniture making. 

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