Setting Up A Beautiful & Functional Home Office From Scratch

With the world under lockdown, and entire countries practicing social distancing, our work lives have taken a hit. While we’re all grateful that we have a comfortable home we can hole up in, until this pandemic ends, we are also starting to face the mental discomfort associated with isolation. Work provides a great productive relief to loneliness and isolation. Corporates are now relaxing some of their rules and letting as many people work from home as possible. Which is great! Working from home has always been meted out sparsely because some believe that it affects productivity. However, the truth is, working from home is a great way to balance home & work life and it saves several hours per day in traffic. And now with the lockdown in place, work-from-home is not an option, it is a necessity. 

But for most of us office goers, a dedicated home office is not the reality. We typically plonk down on the bed or sofa for urgent tasks. That’s about it.  But these days, working from home requires that you stay focused and productive for long periods of time. Typically hours together. And for that, a home office is not just a good-to-have. It is a necessity. 

What Is A Home Office

Setting Up A Beautiful & Functional Home Office From Scratch

A home office is any room/spot where you can sit down with your laptop, work in a focused manner, attend meetings, and in general get work done. With urban homes getting smaller and smaller, an entire room dedicated to office work seems like a far fetched option. So what we can do is convert corners, dead spaces, and maybe even part of your bedroom into a workspace.

As per experts, a home office should have the following

  1. A sturdy work surface
  2. Distraction-free decor
  3. Everything needed for your work should be at an arms-length
  4. A comfortable and ergonomic chair
  5. Less activity happening close by.

You may not be able to achieve all 5, but if you can meet as many points described above as possible, that should do.

Good Furniture Is Important

Anyone who has tried working from a bed or an uncomfortable chair will tell you that it is the worst thing to do to yourself. Strained seating positions don’t just give you a bad backache, it also puts a strain on your eyes, your entire body and makes you unproductive and unfocused. In other words, good, well-designed furniture is VITAL.

If you don’t have a sturdy office desk and an ergonomic working chair, now would be a good time to get in touch with Guarented to place an order for custom office furniture. We have some amazing furniture designs by our in-house designers, and we also take custom orders for tailor-made furniture, designed to suit your specific needs.

Home office furniture

Don’t Forget To Personalize Long hours at the desk without giving enough respite to your eyes and brain, could prove dangerous in the long run. To avoid that, experts recommend taking a 5-minute break following 20 minutes of productivity. This is especially necessary for individuals who are required to work with laptops or any backlit screen. For such “Brain Breaks”, the best method would be to get up, stretch and to look at some greenery. If you don’t have dense trees in the vicinity, a few potted plants should do the trick. Another option is to look at anything that brings you happiness. Pictures of your loved ones, your hobbies, art, and anything else you love looking at. 

Personalizing your home office also ensures that you don’t burn out fast. It keeps you productive but does not cut you off from your home’s ambiance either. And that we believe, is just the right balance. 

Guarented Will Always Be At Your Service

The Covid pandemic has hit us all badly. But that does not mean we have stopped completely. You can place your orders on our site, you can get in touch with our team if you want custom furniture made, we’ll arrange for an online consultation to discuss designs and other aspects. If you are using the lockdown time to design your new home, we are now open to taking interior designing projects too! We may be delayed but we promise to give you our best products and services unfailing!


We hope everyone is safe and we wish everyone the very best.


Team Guarented!

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