Setting Up A Mini Work Station At Home

If you’re in Bangalore, you’ll more than relate to the traffic issues here. Which is why most companies operating out of the garden city allow their employees to avail the “work from home” option. Because nobody wants to spend 3+ hrs in traffic to and fro when you can use that time to be productive and get work done at home instead. With an increased number of people opting to work from home, more and more houses are starting to have a work station. Isn’t that great? A home that merges your personal and professional needs?


Mini Work station

What is a work station?

Simply put, it’s a place where you get productive and get work done. The nature of the work station, therefore, depends on the kind of work you do. Though these days, a typical work station is a desk, a chair, a laptop, enough plug points and other miscellaneous stuff like chargers, wires, pens and maybe a curio. 

Given that urban homes are not always spacious, work stations inside homes are best kept simple. Depending on how many hours you spend at your work station, you can have a very competent one or just a simple table and chair.

Mini Work station1

How do I make a work station at home?

Does your work require you to use a lot of techs? Laptops, phones, digital drawing equipment etc? Or are you into video creation or something more quirky? Either way, a typical working space requires the following three things-

  • An appropriately sized desk
  • A comfortable, wheeled office chair
  • Plug points, power outlets, and means to keep your tech charged and going

If you already have the things mentioned above, you’re good to go. You can now start putting everything else together. But if you don’t have anything at all that’s needed to set up a workspace, you can either buy office furniture from Guarented or you can look at office furniture on rent at Guarented. Whichever option you choose, we’ll assure you that it’s convenient, flexible and most importantly, budget-friendly.


Setting it up

Choose a corner. A quiet spot is recommended. Not where maximum activity in your house happens. It’s best to be away from the chaos in order to concentrate on what you do. If you can have a whole room to yourself, that would be awesome. If not, quiet corners it is.

Move your table and chair to the aforementioned corner/room. If you have a window, place the table near it. Push your chair in and try checking for factors that are vital for comfort. Ventilation, enough light, accessibility to power points and everything else.

Try sitting there. Not happy? Well, move it to another spot. Happy? Get started with work!

Personalise it

Experts recommend personalising your workspace to avoid stress and burn out. Of course, that alone does not prevent burn out, you will need to actually get up and move around and unwind yourself. But a quick glance at your favorite quote or a photo you love instantly refreshes you and motivates you!


Mini Work station2

There is no rule when it comes to personalizing your space. As long as everything you need is within an arms reach and if you are able to work in that spot happily, it’s all good.

Custom Services Are Available With Guarented

If your job calls for specific furniture requirements or if your home just doesn’t accommodate furniture in standard sizes, you can approach Guarented to have custom furniture made according to dimensions, colours, designs and other parameters of your choice. Just drop us an email letting us know what you need and we’ll craft it for you! 

P.S. – Do share photos of your work desk with us so that others get inspired too!



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