Shoe Storage Ideas For Compact Homes

We’re sure most people will relate to shoe struggles. We either struggle to find the right ones or to find the ones in our budget or we just end up struggling to store our shoes. You’ll be wondering why we have an entire article dedicated to shoe storage. Here’s why. Shoes are taken outside, worn through mud, dust, and um..other nasty stuff and then are brought back home sometimes even to the living room. And yet, here we are wondering how germs manage to outsmart us! Storing shoes the right way isn’t just a matter of staying organized, it is also a hygiene practice that needs much attention.

So shoe owners typically fall into 2 rough categories – hoarders & minimalists. The minimalists can make do with a single square foot or maybe even a nice carpet. But the hoarders need a lot more than a mere shoe rack. They need a plan, a strategy, and a custom shoe rack/shelf/safe combination that can do more than just storage and display. So, here are some ideas for shoe storage if you have more than a handful of shoes.

1. Recycle & Repurpose

Remember the shoeboxes that your shoe comes in? Save them. You can even go the extra mile and take a print out of the shoe and stick it on the outside of the shoebox and stack the boxes up. Saves space and makes it easy to know which shoe is inside the box thanks to the picture stuck outside it.

Likewise, you should be able to find affordable hanging shoe storage contraptions. They often made of jute or some canvas type fabric that’s also lightweight. It gives you a chance to use vertical space and leave your floors clean. There are a million such DIY ideas on the Internet. Google a bit and pick one that suits your shoe needs perfectly!

2. Custom Order A Shoe Rack

This is obviously the best and most foolproof way to tackle your shoe storage troubles. If you are aware of your shoe shopping pattern and have a good idea about the storage needs of your shoe collection, all you need to do is get in touch with Guarented. Guarented has an amazing collection of shoe racks. And what’s more? We’re open to crafting customized shoe racks in dimensions, materials, and designs you want. If you want to place it in your foyer and double it as a seat for you to sit on while putting your shoes on – we’re the ones to talk to. You want a shelf/display rack that is also a shoe rack – we’re the ones to talk to. In short, whatever your shoe rack needs are, we’ll be more than capable of manufacturing it.

3. Cleanliness Is Divine

Remember what we said in the opening paragraph about shoes bringing home germs? Yeah, it’s time to address that. Shoes do act as free transportation for a plethora of pathogens and letting them in your home could definitely be bad. As per updated health & safety guidelines, sanitizing every possible contaminated surface is a good idea. Especially since we’re in the middle of a pandemic. It is a good practice to sanitize as soon as you enter your home and right after you remove your shoes. Since you may come in contact with germs on your shoes as you remove it, it would be a good idea to double sanitize before and after.

Guarented’s uniquely designed pedestal sanitizer/handwash dispensers are perfect for ensuring this practice. In fact, our team has been using this at the office and their homes diligently to keep the virus out all year!

Bye-Bye Shoe Woes

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