Sofa Care And Cleaning Guide

Everyone loves a plush, comfy sofa. They add an inviting look to your living room, makes for very comfortable seating and is a great emergency bed. Sofas are expensive and large pieces of furniture which do require some maintenance. If you are a new homeowner or just new to running your house yourself, this is an article that will help you clean your sofa well. 

But before we begin, lets first ask ourselves a few questions

Is your sofa new and still under some form of warranty? If yes, best call them up for a cleaning routine.

Do you see visible damages? Exposed filling, rips, sags, etc? If yes, call in a professional. Do not attempt to clean it yourself. 

If your sofa looks fine and just needs some deep cleaning, then we’re ready to go.

1. Dust Baking Soda All Over

Baking soda is just a magic cleaning ingredient that does a lot from absorbing stains and odors. Generously dust your sofa with baking soda and let sit for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes are up, get your vacuum cleaner out, and vacuum the sofa thoroughly. Air it out, spray freshener if the material allows it and you’re done!

Dust baking soda

2. Liquid Cleaner

This does not work for all materials. Leather, leatherette and any kind of non-liquid-absorbing material are the only kinds you can clean using this method. Just spritz some cleaning liquid on a washcloth and wipe down the entire sofa. Leave the fan on and wait for the cleaning liquid to completely evaporate and that’s it!

Liquid Cleaner

3. Lint Roller

Or any dry brush works. This is a step that is especially necessary if you have pets or furry objects like kids toys around the house. Take a lint roller or a brush and go over the sofa, brushing thoroughly in one-directional strokes. This will remove particulate material that has accumulated on the sofa. Such particles are often responsible for triggering allergies and infections, especially in kids.

Lint Roller

4. Machine Wash Covers & Cushions

Not all cushions are fit to be washed in machines, so it’d be great if you check the washing instructions on the first. Covers are best washed once a month or more frequently if you have kids and pets in your house. Don’t forget to use a mild detergent and fabric conditioner while washing them in the machine.

Machine Wash Covers & Cushions

5. Get Your Furniture From Guarented & Avail Free Maintenance Services

We’ve already mentioned before that cleaning appliances is no easy task. To skip the hassles that come with maintaining a sofa, you can now rent a sofa from Guarented, in which case you’ll be entitled to free services and maintenance throughout the duration of your rental term. Or the other option is to buy a brand new sofa from Guarented, in which case too, you shall get the aforementioned free service warranty for 12 whole months!

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