Storage Ideas For Small, Compact Spaces

Cities are getting bigger, homes are getting smaller – This phenomenon is pretty common, right? With humans growing in numbers with each passing year, its only natural that our living quarters are shrinking in size. That’s not always a bad thing. We should adapt to our changing circumstances and try to make the best of what we have, right? 

The one thing that smaller homes ration on is storage space. It’s not easy to store all your belongings in an organized manner if you have limited storage space. And so today, we’re bringing you some expert tips on how to make the best of a small home in terms of storage.

1. Vertical Storage    

In other words – use your walls. The floor space or carpet area is going to low for compact homes. And that means it might get hard to keep wall shelves, wardrobes, and other storage furniture directly on the floor without sacrificing precious freedom of movement. Thus, up goes the storage.

Use wall-mounted shelves, anything suspended from the ceilings, or even simply stacking shelves to keep your belongings organized. You can approach Guarented if you want a custom made wall shelves or racks in specific dimensions. We cater to a wide range of requirements and so it should not be a problem to craft you something tailormade.

wall shelves

2. Multipurpose Furniture

Beds that double as drawers, tables that fold away, sofas with storage boxes on the sides and underneath, and ottomans that come with storage cavities – the options truly are endless with Guarented, a company that aces the art of custom and multipurpose furniture making. 

Beds probably are the best to store stuff because they are large. They have quite a lot of space underneath the mattress that is pretty much left unused. Tap into the storage potential of beds with drawers, hydraulic platforms, box-beds, and more! Get in touch with us if you want some unique storage under your beds!

bed with storage space

3. Vacuum Packing

This isn’t a furniture thing, but a general idea that helps you store more in limited space. You can store infrequently used objects, clothing in particular like winter-wear, with this genius packing technique. All if you need is some tough air-lock plastic bags and a vacuum cleaner. Put folded clothes into the plastic bags, and pump all the air out of the bag with a vacuum cleaner and lock the bag in an airtight fashion. Whatever is inside would get compressed to its smallest size possible, which now when kept in wardrobes would save up on tons of space!

vacuum packing

4. Cut Back On Decor Elements

Storage gets prime real estate. So decor items and other display-category objects are best sacrificed. Or only stick to knick-knacks that can be hung on walls. Tall floor vases and figurines are wonderful to look at but they take up floor space that could be productively used otherwise. It’s not a bad thing. You could see this as an opportunity to get creative and come up with your own art that focuses on the walls and ceilings to make a statement.

home furniture

5. Minimalism, Maybe?

It’s not something that everyone enjoys. Of course, there’s no harm in splurging if you can afford it. But extensive amounts of research point towards the fact that minimalism does have its benefits and it is kinder on our environment. If you buy too much, the markets will have to match that demand, which means more goods will have to be produced. And we know that the commercial production of consumer goods is not something that comes without a negative, more specifically, a carbon footprint. 

You could try the popular low-buy, no-buy month routines. If it works for you, well and good. If it doesn’t, just get in touch with us and we’ll craft some fine, multi-purpose furniture for you!


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