Stylish Ways To Style The Space Above Your Couch

Very often when styling your living room, you may end up with blank vertical spaces. Such as the one behind a large piece of furniture like your sofa or reading chair. Making that space seem less bare is a tough task. You need to take into account the color palette of your room, the color of the furniture, and the general decor theme of your home. Given that so many aspects need to be considered, it is possible that people get overwhelmed or confused and end up leaving that space bare. If you are trying to style a blank space above your couch, this article could help you out.

#1 – Solid Wall

If the wall behind your couch is a solid color, congratulations – you are now spoiled for choices! You can do anything from hanging up a photo to installing a full-fledged wall art. The options are endless. All you need to do is decide a budget and get started. The more inexpensive options include photos and personal artwork – they are in fact the best options we’d say. The moment someone walks in, they can get glimpses of your life and happy times and it would be like a peek into your memories. Likewise, if you hang up your artwork, they’ll get to see your artistic side. These objects will also constantly remind you of happy memories and keep you going!

Yet another affordable option would be wall decals. These are stickers that you can buy at super affordable prices and you can just stick them on your wall. The only con is that they may damage the paint when they come off. 

Home decor companies have of late taken a massive interest in large resin, wallart. Such pieces are STUNNING to say the least. Resin artwork is rarely mass produced, each piece is handmade by an artist. Resin wall art takes hours to craft and the results are mind blowing. 

If you would like to get your hands on some custom made resin wall art, please get in touch with us. We have some amazing artists on our team who can craft unique pieces just for you!

#2 – Feature Wall

A feature wall is something where the paint job in itself is artistic. It could include various textures, stencil prints, designs and maybe multiple colors. These walls can hold up the style quotient on their own. This means that even if you were to leave it bare, it should not look too blank. However, if you wish to style such a wall, you do have some options. 

Horizontal shelves are a highly popular choice now. They have a clean appearance and don’t look chunky or out of place. Given their sleek design, they would also not hide large parts of the feature wall, making them perfect additions on any designer wall.

Bookshelves are a very common choice for such artistic walls. Carefully arranged books will look stunning against a designer wall. So if you have a nice set of tomes, put them up on display. Don’t forget, you can now get custom wallshelves made with Guarented.

Decorate With Guarented

Maybe it’s just a few custom/personalised pieces that you want. Or maybe you need professional help with interior design. No matter which category you fall into, Guarented has a solution for all your home interior needs. Drop us an email and we’ll get started!

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