Super Cute Custom Bookshelves

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King

If you are a fan of books, we’re sure that you’ve stopped to admire one too many bookshelves. And why wouldn’t you admire bookshelves? They are the best ways to keep your precious books happy and comfortable and up for display, so that you can feast your eyes on your most treasured tomes. 

If you are looking for cute bookshelves for your book collection, Guarented can help you out. From ready designs to custom ones that can fit into any nook and cranny and no matter how large or small your collection is, the right bookshelf is just a click away!

Here are some tips to get yourself a bookshelf that’s worthy of housing your books.

1. Sturdy Material

Books, even the hardcover ones can get mouldy and damaged if the wood used to make the shelf is prone to mould or insects. Ideally, hardwood shelves are the best because they are extremely durable, sturdy and have an air of luxury around them. But yes, it could get pricey. With the right manufacturer, you should be able to get a good price. Get in touch with Guarented for some premium hardwood bookshelves. We can make a design you have in mind too!

In case hardwood isn’t on your mind, we’ve got engineered wood ones too! These models would be lightweight, easier on the pocket and most importantly, you get the freedom to experiment with endless designs and prints on the surface itself. MDF bookshelves have become very popular of late and we can do a custom design for you!

  1. Custom Designs

Books come in all sizes and shapes. And everyone’s collection varies in size. Some could fill a tiny rack, some could fill an entire house. If you want something that is appropriate for your size, a custom-made bookshelf would be perfect. In fact, some people opt to build in a shelf right onto the wall. This helps them save floor space and use the entire vertical space of the wall for storing the books. 

For smaller collections, compact, affordable designs would be the way to go. Thanks to some skilled designers, this too has endless possibilities. Smaller bookshelves are very popular as a kids bedroom furniture item. They even come in cute designs often inspired by a child’s favorite characters or bearing their names.

BookShelves By Guarented

We’re not exaggerating when we say that we’ve endless ideas! In addition to our readymade bookshelves, we’ve got a team of artisans, designers and carpenters who can pretty much handle any and every design you can conjure up! And we promise to give you a finished product to your satisfaction, complete with a warranty! Do check out Guarented’s amazing collection of bookshelves right away!


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