The Art Of Selecting Furniture Colors

Ever notice how you just walk into a room and get blinded by the sheer chaos that the decor makes? Yeah, that happens a lot. With the furniture and decor market getting flooded by new and innovative products with each passing day, the average customer is easily confused about how to select things that will harmoniously come together and make an inviting or at least non-chaotic space that has a welcoming vibe to it. When done correctly, interiors can make people drop whatever they are doing to stop and admire the beauty of the space. And no interior decoration ever happens without the right furniture. And so, in this article, we’re going to focus on how to pick the right colors and prints for furniture!

Step 1: Start with a color that you like

We don’t care what designers have to say about this. But we’re decorating YOUR home and it should be done the way YOU want. We’ll pick a color that you like and make that stand out. The rest of the elements will be carefully coordinated to make sure that the whole appeal of the room does not cause damage to unsuspecting eyes :D.

So, we’re not going to address colors like black, grey, or varying shades of white. Such colors are classic ones and can never go wrong on furniture. But if your favorite color is something like an ocean blue or a hot pink or we’ll have to make sure that the rest of the elements are neutral and that we don’t add any more furniture pieces of the same color. It may work if you aim for the whole monochrome theme. But we advise against it because if you spend too much time in that space, you’ll probably get bored easily.

3 seater blue sofa

Step 2: Prints Matter

The nature of the print has the power to make a room appear smaller, larger, or brighter – depending on what you’re aiming to achieve. Small prints like tiny polka dots or motifs barely make a difference. They just harmlessly sit there helping you to achieve a non-solid look for the furniture. Bigger prints like chevron, animal stripes, florals, and hearts are a whole other chapter. 

Kindly note – go about picking prints ONLY after you’ve finalized the color. It is very easy to get swayed by printed upholstery fabric. But the color could be completely wrong for your home. Never pick a print without finalizing the color first.

L shape grey sofa

Step 3: Color Of The Wood

Yes, this probably should be above everything else in the hierarchy of furniture color picking steps. However, in most cases, only little bits of the wood peep through so it’s color as such is not of that much significance. However, the nature of it is of paramount importance. The wood decides how sturdy and durable your furniture will be. So you can always pick a hardwood and then paint over its natural color to meet your color requirements. 

Keep in mind – hardwoods are the most durable natural wood types. They are dense, resistant to insect attacks, and come in a handful of rich colors. Engineered wood types are lighter in weight, more affordable but may not last very long. This information will come in handy when you’re selecting heavier pieces of furniture like beds and sofas.

3 seater cream color sofa

Step 4: Contrasting Walls

The general rule is that only one item in a room will be the focal point. While there is nothing wrong with having multiple focal points, it can get overwhelming sometimes. Especially when the ambient lighting isn’t anywhere near ideal. 

If you are going with brightly colored furniture, keep the walls solid. And also neutral. If your sofa is bright blue, it would be a bad move to use blue walls behind or around it. Or even other bright colors could be a tad over the top. Make it a mix of brights and neutrals. Not brights and more brights.

yellow sofa

Step 5: Colors May Fade

Now would be a good time to remember that colors fade over time. So if you plan to use a certain piece of furniture for a long time, invest in good quality materials. You can opt for custom furniture makers like Guarented who will help you craft furniture that is tailored to meet your needs. From the materials to the wood type, every detail will be in your control if you choose to go with Guarented

Since the focus of this article is on the color specifically, make sure that your furniture is upholstered with fine quality materials like velvets, leatherettes, and premium jute/cotton.
3 seater sofa

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