The Benefits of Renting Storage During Relocation Amid Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic, which we are still reeling from, has done more damage than we can comprehend. Hordes of people have lost their lives, their jobs and many have had to relocate from their homes to head back to hometowns to be with elderly parents and other family members. This article specifically addresses the concerns of those who had to relocate to their hometowns during the lockdown and how maintaining rental properties seemed an expensive and inefficient way to retain personal belongings.

Why Rent Storage?

Metro cities often have the largest migrant populations. Many flocks to big cities for jobs and opportunities and it is very common for such folks to rent a home in the city. With the covid induced lockdown sending people back home, many found it difficult to dispose of household appliances, furniture products, and belongings on short notice before heading back home. This resulted in many people maintaining their rental properties as-is. Which meant that they continued to pay full rent to make sure that their home and its belongings were retained as-is awaiting their return whenever the pandemic ends.

The trouble with this is that big cities are known to have high rental prices. And adding to this the fact that most people experienced salary cuts and even loss of jobs, paying a full rent to retain their rented home seems like an unwise idea. Thankfully, Guarented steps in to save you from this predicament.

What Is Storage Rental?

As you are already aware, Guarented is a company that manufactures, rents, and sells furniture products. We’re also into selling/renting pre-owned household appliances, and home/office interior designing. We’ve got the infrastructure to store large household products in a safe and efficient manner. 

When the lockdown began, we saw that many of our customers were planning to relocate to their hometowns and it meant that they had to leave their furniture/appliances at home. Leaving your home unsupervised has many drawbacks. Without proper maintenance, furniture and appliances could deteriorate and that would ultimately be a huge loss.

Team Guarented wanted to step up and help out in any way possible and that’s when we realized that we could use our already set up infrastructure to provide affordable storage solutions to anyone wishing safe storage for their household products & personal belongings. 

Guarented provides you with an End-to-End secure storage solution where a customer can rent a storage space. This space would be constantly under CCTV surveillance in a facility that is monitored closely. This means that you can quit worrying about damages or theft and ultimately loss of your belongings. You can opt for a smaller space or a really large one depending on the volume of goods you wish to store. And yes, we do offer to pick up, packaging, and drop off services too.

All you need to do is take stock of the products you wish to store and communicate the same to us. We’ll send a team to safely pack your stuff, load it into a truck and transport it to our facility where it will safely await your return.

Why Store With Guarented?

Here are 6 reasons why you should store with us and not leave your goods unattended in a rented space that won’t have anyone watching over. 

  • End to End Solution – We cover everything – Packing, loading/unloading, transportation, storage, and delivery.
  • Lowest Prices in Bangalore – Low Monthly Rental for long-term storage.
  • Professional Packing – Customized and Sophisticated packing for fragile goods.
  • Safe & Secure – Warehouse is equipped with 24X7 CCTV Surveillance.
  • Pest Control – Regular pest control is ensured. We also maintain a dust-free environment.
  • Easy Payment Option – Safe and Secure monthly payment via our partnered payment gateways.

Here’s an overview of the prices and plans. Kindly note, prices will vary depending on the volume and nature of goods given up for storage. The final rent amount will be communicated to you after we’ve assessed the bulk of goods you present for storage.

How To Get Started?

You can avail our services by filling our Storage Solutions Sign Up Form to share all the essential details and an overview of the goods you’ll be opting to store with us. Post-signing-up, here are the steps that would follow – 

  1. Book an appointment with us. 
  2. We pack all items at your doorstep
  3. We load all items into the truck
  4. We transport your items safely to our secure storage.
  5. We store all your items in a safe, secure, and state-of-the-art warehouse facility
  6. We bring back all the items whenever you want
  7. We do the unloading from the truck
  8. You cross-check all your products.

So get started right away! Why waste thousands of rupees renting an entire house/office when you can store your belongings safely with Guarented!


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