The Essentials Series: Bedroom

About The Series

This is the latest series to go live on our blog. Team Guarented is not just passionate about crafting great furniture for our customers and providing premium-quality furniture, we also take a keen interest in setting up and decorating various parts of a home. From the living room to the kitchen, we love to ideate about how to implement various designs on a restrained if not tight budget. Not that we’re against splurging on home products, we’re just keeping everyone in mind which means that we write content that caters to everyone’s budgets.




a room for sleeping in.

Hey, everybody! This is the second instalment of the Essentials Series and we’re really excited about this particular topic. We’re discussing bedrooms today and we already have established that it’s one of everyone’s favourite spots in the house.

Almost all of us find comfort in curling up on a comfy bed in a familiar room. Everything about our bedroom probably brings us comfort and rest. Like, everyone invariably thinks of their bedroom after a long day or when they are sick. That’s because we’ve developed a certain attachment to the place we retire to at the end of the day. 

Over the years, bedrooms have evolved from mere sleeping quarters to magazine-ready spaces. Bedrooms today combine sleeping arrangements, storage, aesthetic elements and in some expensive cases, an entertainment corner as well. But as most of our content is aimed at people who are conscious about their budgets, we’re going to discuss a basic bedroom that’s affordable, stylish and has all the necessary elements.


What’s In A Basic Bedroom? 

‘Sleep like a log’ – This is a phrase we’ve all heard. Basically means that you’re nearly completely “turned off” that you didn’t even move around. That’s how deep your sleep was. To sleep like a log, it is necessary that you have a decent mattress on a very sturdy and well-built bed. Yes, we can always plonk down a mattress on the floor and sleep it on but they may not be great for your health. If you’re decorating a bed for senior citizens, this is definitely not a great move. 


  • If our aim is to set up a basic functional bedroom, here’s what you need.
  • A bed, sturdy and well built.
  • A comfortable mattress with appropriate thickness
  • A wardrobe or another form or efficient storage
  • Mats or floor rugs
  • One bedside table or two so that there’s one on either side of the bed

Basic Bedroom

The essential idea is that you have a comfortable sleeping arrangement, a place to store your clothes and belongings, a bedside table to keep your phones, medicines, water, inhalers and whatever emergency goods you may need during the night.

Do You Need Appliances Or Tech In A Bedroom

It depends on your personality, frankly. But experts recommend that you should disconnect from tech and other “radiation” emitting products while you sleep. That said, most of us are so dependent on technology these days that the idea of sleeping without your phone next to you, is plain scary. Although it may not be healthy, it makes sense to have your phone near you. In case you need to call someone when there’s an emergency or something like that, it’s good to have your phone within easy reach.

So with the phone, comes chargers and having a power outlet next to your bedside table is great. Never leave your phone on the bed and charge when you are sleeping in the bed. It may not explode to atomic levels, but it could cause some serious burns. But apart from chargers, other appliances like air conditioners, humidifiers etc are quite common these days. And why wouldn’t they be in our bedrooms? They help regulate the temperature and keep us comfortable.

The summary is that appliances or tech stuff, in general, are ok for bedrooms as long as you are not sleeping right beside it and would, therefore, be disturbed by it.

Tech In A Bedroom


No bedroom will feel like your personal bubble unless you personalize it. You don’t need to spend loads of cash on decorating. All you need is time and some creativity. Like we’ve said before, inexpensive items like frame photos or posters, paintings, wall decals etc are great ideas!

They do little damage to the walls, they can be conveniently placed anywhere you want and are super easy on the pocket. You can also use different colors of paint or wallpapers to create an artsy wall. The options really are endless. And thanks to minimalism, using very little to minimum furniture and decor items will still give you that neat, contemporary look.

A Solution To Space Constraints 

With cities getting overpopulated, homes are definitely getting smaller. That means standard furniture sizes may not make it to your room. If that’s a hassle you are facing, get in touch with Guarented. We specialize in custom furniture. Whatever designs, materials and dimensions you want, we can manufacture it for you in our warehouse and have it delivered to your doorstep. We can also custom-make wardrobes or incorporate unique storage compartments into your bed and bedroom furniture if you need it. You can also browse our collection of furniture & request modifications and design changes. We allow customizations too.

Solution To Space Constraints

Get Started!

It really does not take much to set up a comfy bedroom. Like they say, the devil is in the details. A few small touches coupled with appropriate furniture will do the job. And we’re sure that everyone can do it even on a very basic budget. When you’re done, do share some pictures with us so that others can get inspired too!



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