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This is the latest series to go live on our blog. Team Guarented is not just passionate about crafting great furniture for our customers and providing premium-quality furniture, we also take a keen interest in setting up and decorating various parts of a home. From the living room to the kitchen, we love to ideate about how to implement various designs on a restrained if not tight budget. Not that we’re against splurging on home products, we’re just keeping everyone in mind which means that we write content that caters to everyone’s budgets.


a room used or designed for reading, writing, or academic work.


Most traditional homes, Indian homes in particular often skipped an office room unless there was someone who met work-related people at home on a regular basis. Today with the IT culture booming and with most of our occupations depending on the use of a laptop, home offices or a study, is an increasingly common household thing.

Working from home has its benefits. You get to convert several frustrating hours that you have to spend stuck in traffic into productive time. People tend to burn out less when the ambiance is not that of a concrete jungle and some research even suggests that you are most productive when your surroundings are like that of your home. All of this plus the benefits of the money you save on commute are some of the leading reasons behind home offices becoming pretty common these days. 

In metro cities where space is a huge constraint, study rooms would be a hard thing to do. In such cases, there’s often the alternative of a study corner or a workstation. At the very least, there are some elements that a study room or a study corner must definitely have. While the minor details often change with the nature of work you do in that particular spot, the major elements are more or less the same. 

If you’re on a budget and are trying to set up space where you can get productive, this article should give you some guidance. Remember, this is the ‘essentials’ series. We’re not aiming for a grand set up, we’re going to look into what makes a basic yet functional study room.

A Cluttered Desk, A Cluttered Mind


A Cluttered Desk

We’ve all heard this, right? While we’re not sure if this is always right, we know what is worse than a cluttered desk – not having desk. Imagine having a workstation with no surface to work on. Placing your laptop directly on your lap is going to impact your health in a bad way. It is always inconvenient to work on a laptop while it’s on your lap. Safe to say that we all agree that a table or a steady, flat surface is necessary for working. 

Like the desk, there are a few other furniture products that are essential when you put together a working corner. Here’s a list of furniture products you need

  • A sturdy desk, ideally custom made to your required height and other measurements.
  • A comfortable, ergonomic office chair that is understanding of your body and your health.
  • A file cabinet or a small wardrobe to stash your work stuff neatly.
  • Personalized merchandise for motivation


The last one may seem pointless, but trust us, sometimes to keep you going, especially during those long hours at night, a little motivation makes all the difference.

Picking The Right Spot To Set Up Your Home Office


Set Up box for Your Home Office

A workstation is an area that is typically most loaded in terms of gadget numbers and their accessories. Organizing them and keeping them tidy could be hard work. But before we even get to the organizing part, we need to look at powering them up. And that’s why the most vital thing to look for when setting up your workspace, is the power outlet. Very often, we end up setting up our workstation right next to a viable plug point. Also, it would great to have a good quality extension board in case your room or corner does not have enough power outlets.

If you have an entire room to use as your study, an ample number of power outlets are always good to have. We all have our stories of getting tangled among wires, charging cables and other tech accessories. It would be great if there are enough outlets for all our gadgets and some cable organizers to prevent them from getting tangled. Also, it would great to have a good quality extension board in case your room or corner does not have enough power outlets. 

Next, the thing to look for is something that will give you respite from the strain. A window that overlooks some greenery or a park or even just a busy road should be a change of scene from your laptop screen. If a window isn’t in close proximity, at least find a wall where you can hang up pictures that take your mind away from the stress.

Arranging Everything To Make A Beautiful Workspace

Whether you’re going to use up an entire room or just a corner, there are some basic tips that you can stick to. Yes, they’re simple and they don’t require fancy stuff. Just some basic furniture products we described in the list above, some creativity and tons of inspiration from the internet. 

For convenience let’s breakdown our arrangements into two types 1) A spot or corner

2) An entire room. If you’re going for the latter, we must admit that you’re quite lucky because you have a whole room to work with. Let’s start with the smaller one.

When setting up a work station in your corner, make sure that you have the following close by

  • A power outlet
  • A window
  • And a storage option

Push your study desk towards the wall on which the power outlet is. Ideally, the desk should be within 2 meters of the outlet. Place your office chair in front of it and see if there is enough space to push back while being seated on the chair. If that works, place your gadgets neatly on the desk and power them up.



If your desk already has built-in drawers, you’ve got some storage right there. If it does not have storage options, invest in a file cabinet unless you want everything laid out on your desk. All your tech accessories, paperwork, and other important work stuff can then be neatly stacked away.

When using an entire room as your study, you have quite a lot of freedom! The desk as always should be placed near the power outlet. But even if that doesn’t work, an extension board can come in handy. If your desk can be placed near a window and therefore, afford you quick peeks outside, that’d be great. It is still fine if there is no window in close proximity. Use that opportunity to stretch your legs and walk to the closest window for some scenery.


Because you are using an entire room as your study, you get to use a larger storage option for your work-related stuff. If need be, place an entire wardrobe or shelf so that your desk and other visible surfaces can be clear of clutter.

And Like We Always Say, Personalise!

You cannot overlook the importance of personalizing a space. It is what turns 4 walls into a home and adds life to any living space. It is no different from a home office. Hang up pictures of family and friends. Got a favorite quote? Frame it and put it up. Do you like to stretch during your breaks? Place a yoga mat beside you. This is your space, so let your imagination run wild. Whatever it is that makes you productive and inspires you to achieve more, should be the focal point of your study.


Guarented: Your Official Furniture Partner

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