The First Long Weekend Of 2018 Is Here

It’s official, thanks to the unexpected bandh today, the good people of Bengaluru are getting Thursday through Sunday off! So if you still haven’t made any plans, here are some things you could do over the weekend!

1. Watch The Republic Day Parade

Most Indian kids had an annual tradition of gathering with the family and watching the parade on Doordarshan. Relive those memories and glue your eyes to the TV/laptop to watch that mesmerising Republic Day Parade. Did you know, for this year’s celebrations, representatives from all 10 ASEAN countries will be attendance. That’s another first for India!

2. Plan A Getaway

Nothing relaxes you like mother nature. Luckily for us, there are many picturesque and drool-worthy locations within a 100km radius of Bangalore. Gokarna, Nandi Hills, Murudeshwar – the list goes on! Gather some friends, and drive away! Or ride on your trusted bike and go solo!

3. Cubbon Park

Head to Cubbon Park on the morning of 26th and social with folks who gather there. There will be games and fun events organized in honor of Republic Day. You could also make some furry friends there! The Cubbon Park Canine club regularly gathers there on weekends!

4. Attend Concerts

A simple search in Google will reveal the sheer number of concerts being held in Bengaluru over this weekend. And we kid you not, there are plenty! If music is your passion, it would definitely be a great way to spend your weekend.

5. Do nothing. Laze around

We’re sure that there a quite a few folks who have this idea in mind. How do we know? Simple – There’s been a surge in recliner rentals! We don’t blame them, if you sit down on our recliners, you’ll never want to get up and leave! So if you plan to spend the weekend lazing around, hurry and get a recliner from us and chill away! We also have the Republic Day sale going on now, so make the best of it while it lasts!

Whatever You Do, Stay Happy

Weekends are the time to unwind after a week of slogging away at work. Whatever it is that you do, make sure it refreshes and rejuvenates you to meet the challenges of the coming week. So go ahead, enjoy your weekend. Happy Republic Day to you!

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