The Many Benefits Of Renting Kids Furniture

Parents of newborn children often go on a shopping spree before the infant arrives. It is a necessary part of parenting. Newborns need special gear, special furniture, and pretty much special everything. While most parents stop at nothing to make sure that their little bundles of joy are comfortable, there’s probably a steep price to it. Kid’s furniture, especially the ones for newborns, are expensive. Not everyone can afford premium cribs, baby beds and many other such items deemed necessary for a child’s early days. Guarented has just solved that problem for you!
Kids furniture on rent

Why Buying Kids Furniture Is Not For Everyone

Like we mentioned before, kids’ furniture can be expensive. The price is justified in most cases because furniture designed for kids, especially infants need to be subjected to a series of tests to ensure that they are safe for use. That said, not everyone can afford to spend several thousand on furniture that the child will grow out of in a year or so. 

Here’s why investing in kid’s furniture may not be ideal

  • Expensive, like we mentioned multiple times.
  • Kid’s grow out of it soon which means you now have to take the time to find a way to dispose it of.
  • The price depreciates quite a lot within a few months so you’ll be selling it at a loss if you were to try second-hand sales. 
  • Kids’ furniture may need multiple upgrades during the course of their childhood and replacing them each time will be expensive too.

Kids Furniture On Rent
Toddler Furniture

Guarented has announced a new range of furniture designed specifically for your little angels. Our premium range of toddler beds and nursery furniture will be available on rent and that means the following –

1) No more splurging on premium furniture.

2) No more struggling to dispose of the furniture once the kids are older.

3) Pay only for what you use. 3 months, 6 months – you get to decide it all!

4) Upgrade whenever you want with just a few clicks!

5) Free delivery & pickup

6) Service warranty that covers minor repairs and maintenance throughout the rental period

Toddler bed on rent

Stay Tuned: Kid’s Furniture Is Dropping Soon

A whole collection of kid furniture is about to drop. Follow Guarented on our social media handles to stay on top of updates about the latest launches, seasonal discounts, and more! In the meantime, check out Guarented’s website for amazing furniture and appliances on rent!

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