The Most Budget Friendly Appliances For Your New Home

I’m sure that we will all agree that setting up a home from scratch in a new city can be time and money intensive. It isn’t an easy task either. Quite a lot of thought has to be put into deciding what products you should buy and the budget you can spend on them. For young folks who are just starting out in life, this can be hard. Given that not everyone has the funds for purchasing brand new household appliances, Guarented has made it our mission of sorts to provide affordable, good quality appliances and furniture to the good people of Bangalore.

So if you are someone, who is trying to set up your home with just the essentials, this article could be of help to you. Please note, this is an article written with affordability in mind. If you have the funds, renting a fully furnished apartment or even buying everything you want in one go is always the quickest way to set up your home.

Ok, what do humans need apart from a roof over their head?

  • Food & water
  • Clothes

We’re going to am at putting together 5 appliances that you just cannot do without. And we’re also going to tell you a way to get them at super affordable prices.

Let’s start from there. Perhaps the first thing you need to set up in your home is provision for drinking water. Followed by a means to cook simple meals at the very least. And then comes clothing or rather a solution to clean your soiled clothes. Here’ goes!

#1 Water Purifier

In Bangalore, drinking water is sourced in large cans from vendors in the locality. However, calling them up each time the can empties or to let them come home to deliver it could be an inconvenience. Especially for single women who do not like the idea of someone coming in frequently.

This is easily solved by installing a water purifier in your home. These are pretty small appliances that call for a one-time installation visit alone. You will have clean water for the rest of your stay in that home.

#2 Microwave Oven

From simply heating leftover food to cooking a full-fledged meal, contemporary microwave ovens have come a long way. When you try to set up a kitchen in a new city, getting a gas connection is going to be hard. You can always purchase an induction cooker but they require special cookware and can only manage limited recipes.

Microwaves, on the other hand, can grill, fry, boil, and bake! Pretty much any recipe can be handled by convection microwaves. But yes, buying a new one could cost you quite a lot. Which is why you can always rent a great microwave or buy a pre-owned one from Guarented. It’s budget friendly and it comes with a free service warranty.

#3 Blender

A basic three jar one will do not a big food processor with a whip. A mixer grinder kind of becomes necessary for simple recipes like chutneys or even a smoothie. They should be fairly affordable to buy brand new, but if you still need to save some cash, you can look around on classifieds sites for a used one. That said, if you particular about your utensils being used for vegetarian preparations alone, we recommend that you purchase a new one.

#4 Washing Machine

Well, they are not affordable per se, but you can always rent one or buy a refurbished used washing machine that would rival the quality of brand new refrigerators. Washing machines are kind of necessary unless you have the time and the inclination to spend precious hours scrubbing your clothes clean manually.

If budget is a big issue, you can look into semi-automatic ones because they are a lot cheaper than fully automatic ones!

#5 Refrigerator

Or at least a mini chiller. They can be used in your room and would not consume too much space. But we would always recommend buying a larger one. Especially if you stay with your family, you could always use more space in the fridge.

However, for bachelors and singletons, a mini fridge with just enough space for water, leftovers, ice and emergency medicines would do. Guarented has a huge collection of single and double door refrigerators for rent and buying. We’re sure you’d love our products if you browse through them.

Get Started With Guarented

We do not have water purifiers and blenders at the moment, but everything else Guarented will be happy to provide to you at super affordable prices! We have a great customer service team that works around the clock to guide you through the entire process and to help you with any hiccups. We also provide free service warranty on all our products for additional budget protection. Do check us out and we’re sure you’ll find what you need!


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