The Most Popular Sofa Colors Of 2019

Sofas have come a long way from their first designs. No more horrendous looking wood+upholstery combinations that come in a standard set of designs. Sofas today come in all shapes and sizes, designs even. Custom made sofas too are a thing, so we’ve seen our share of weirdly shaped sofas too!

But no matter what shape, size or style the sofa is in, the first thing that registers in your brain when you look at one is the colour. Bold sofa colours are a whole new thing and here are some of the most popular shades this year.

3 Seater Sofa Grey3 Seater Sofa Grey

They’ve always been popular, we admit. But today, there is a whole range of greys. Warm grey, true grey, dark grey and so forth. What’s versatile about this colour is that they can be both bright and muted at the same time. They also fit perfectly well into all kinds of interior themes and will never look odd. 

Royal Blue

2 Seater Sofa
Sofa cum Bed

Not very commonly previously but is now starting to show up more. Blue in itself wasn’t very popular, but with more and more urban homes opting for stylish and unique looks, colours like royal blue are in high demand. This is a shade that’s on the darker side which means easy maintenance and less likely for stains to show up. Royal blue is a great colour for homes with kids and thereby, higher chances of spills and stains. 

Reds & Corals

3 Seater Sofa

L shape sofa

Shades of red have always been associated with posh spaces and luxury. It’s often a colour that is seen on leather or leatherette sofas because red looks so much better on materials with sheen. Red too comes in a wide range of shades, but the bright, nearly blood red one is most popular. 


3 Seater Sofa3 Seater Sofa

Browns are the new whites. Brown shades to have been popular over the years but of late they’ve been coming out in more variations and with patterns on them. Like with greys, browns are a great fit in all kinds of decor themes. Darker shades are very low maintenance and the lighter ones easily brighten a dull space. 

Whites & Blacks

2 Seater SofaL shape sofa

The two classic shades that never go out of trend. No matter how bright, dull, low lit or even naturally lit your space is, blacks and whites will fit right in and look like the centre of attraction. Every showroom or online furniture shop will have at least 2-3 iconic white and black sofa pieces for people who are a fan of classics. No matter what the year is, these shades will never go out of style. 

Guarented Makes Sofas In All Colours 

Guarented now has an option to customize sofas and make then in designs that you supply us with. All you need to do is drop us an email and allow us to do our magic. We also allow alterations and modifications to be made to designs that are already on our catalogue. Take a look at Guarented’s sofa catalogue and let your imagination run wild with customization possibilities!

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