The Ultimate Recliner Guide

We’ve all loved the way Joey & Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S sat back and chilled on their recliners while watching TV. And we’ve all wanted to sink into one too. Well, good news – Guarented has amazing recliners that are just pure comfort and sturdy build. If you are thinking about buying a recliner in Bangalore, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Recliners, for the uninitiated, are adjustable, plush, and commonly single-seater chairs that can be reclined to 2 or more angles. These chairs often pack wide armrests, footrests, and these days, even massage/charging functions. It should be clear from the previous statement that depending on how many features a recliner packs, the price will vary drastically. Some even go up to a few lakhs. If you’re conscious about the money you want to spend on your recliners, here are some tips that help you get the best bang for your buck. 

Find A Reputable Vendor

We cannot stress how important this is. A good vendor is one that has been in the business of furniture making for years now and has a significant online presence where you’d easily find reviews about their products and services. They tend to place the customers’ needs first and that is very important for us. Such companies also ask for fair prices and have a rather large selection. 

We encourage you to take a look at Guarented’s recliner collection. From various styles, shades, and sizes to excellent customer service before & after-sales, we’ll surely leave you floored! 

Features Are Key

Your recliner is your getaway. It needs to be comfortable and packed with features designed to suit you. Do you also like to nap on your recliner? Pick one that reclines to a near-horizontal position. Need to endlessly scroll through your phone while you chill? Maybe consider getting a recliner with a charging port. 

Your options are endless. A good place to start is by browsing some basic models to get an idea of size and design and then take it from there.

Colors & More

Dark leather/leatherette recliners are famous for a reason. Most people enjoy a snack or two while watching TV/chilling out. We all know that food is notorious for staining furniture irreparably. That should explain why black recliners are a global favorite. Likewise, leather or the cheaper option, leatherette materials don’t absorb fluids, which means that any spill can be easily wiped away before sufficient damage is done. 

If this is your first recliner, we recommend darker shades. However, if a dark shade would clash with your home’s color palette, by all means, pick one that you love. Just make sure that you pick a fabric/upholstery material that doesn’t spoil easily.

Service Warranty

Recliners are large and often, expensive pieces of furniture. You want to make sure that your budget is protected for faults that aren’t your own. If a seller does not offer a manufacturer’s warranty, best skip. 

When you shop with Guarented, you not only get great quality recliners that are stunning to look at, you also get a free service warranty that covers manufacturing defects! With this, we ensure that you get excellent after-sales service too. Should you need any assistance, you can connect with our customer care executives and they’ll help you out!

Recliners From Guarented

For spellbinding, premium recliners, take a look at Guarented’s recliner collection. From different shades to styles, we’ve got it all! And what’s more? We’ve even got the option to custom-create a recliner in the dimensions, designs, and features that you want! Just think about it – a recliner tailored to suit your specific needs! Just drop us an email and we can get started on that for you!

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