5 Things Your Home Desperately Needs

Roti, Kapda and Makaan are what we consider as the three basic things humans need to survive. Or is it? Well, definitions are changing so we’re pretty sure these days it is pizza, Wi-fi, and cheap cabs. Especially for Bangaloreans. Because if you have no house but you have Wi-fi, you can simply Google and find a house. Amirite, amirite?

Jokes apart, while roti, kapda and makaan are indeed vital for survival, we’ve become accustomed to more than just the bare essentials. Like us, most people work hard during the day, exhausting themselves out so by the time they get home, what they really need is a home that is pretty self-sufficient and equipped enough to give them the much needed respite. So what makes a home self-sufficient and comfortable to support today’s lifestyle needs? Let’s take a look at that –

1. Refrigerator

Because roti is vital for survival and rotis don’t stay fresh on their own. We’ll have to put them in the fridge so that they stay edible. So no refrigerator, no fresh food. Even if you survive on take-out alone, it might still be a good idea to have a fridge because ice, stand-by/ left over food and even milk will need a refrigerator. This one can barely be skipped.



2. Washing Machine

Again, kapda is vital and like roti, kapda will not clean itself. So who is going to clean the Kapda? If you need clean clothes, a washing machine is vital. Of course, you can ask your maid to do it, but it would rarely be laundered well. You can also outsource that job and give it to the cleaners, but that could be expensive. So your best bet? Rent a washing machine.

You could get one with Guarented at prices as low as INR 560/- a month.

washing machine on rent


3. Entertainment

All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy – says the English proverb. Well, we’re happy to say that Jack heard about Guarented and ever since he started renting our TV and gaming equipment, he’s no longer a dull boy. Afterall, what is life without a little fun? Your home needs something to give you some respite from the mundane work related matters. That is why we have TVs, gaming equipment and even camping gear! All on rent for very, very attractive prices.
Get a TV and when you’ve watched enough TV, go camping. You’ll no longer die of boredom!

tv on rent


4. Comfortable furniture

Sleeping on the floor may seem adventurous but in the long run, it will damage your back like nothing else. And chairs! You cannot sit on the floor too long either, especially to use your laptop. Everybody understands the need for comfortable furniture. They’re important for your health too. Which is why this comfy furniture is vital. Cozy beds, mattresses, chairs and sofas are all up for grabs on Guarented rentals. And yes, they’re priced attractively too!

5. Security

No jokes here. All the things we discussed above become irrelevant unless they’re placed in a secure, well protected home. While the necessities discussed above will not kill you if overlooked, overlooking security could put you in danger. Also, in houses where little ones are left in the care of maids, security cameras are more than vital. We’re very particular about this one category because we deeply worry about everyone’s security. Hence, we have an entire category called “Smart Homes” dedicated to home security. Smart doorbells that capture the faces of visitors, wi-fi cameras and door-locks are some of the things we have to offer. Priced nominally, these are products your home definitely needs. Girls, please, please get these if you are not very sure about your neighborhood (or even otherwise).

wifi camera on rent


Live, Don’t survive!
We all work hard to earn our bread and butter, so we deserve to come back to homes that will put a smile on our faces. Buying everything a home needs is not ideal for everyone because it is expensive and a hassle in future, should you want to dispose it off. Renting is the new thing among millennials and why wouldn’t it be? Its affordable, convenient and gives you a very non-committal lifestyle. So go ahead, try renting with Guarented today!

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