Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Washing Machine

Who wants to sit down and manually scrub soiled clothes till they are sparkling clean? NOBODY! Washing machines deserve as much praise as smartphones ( even more, maybe). They are a beautiful invention and we have technology to thank for saving us from hours of backbreaking manual labor.

So, now that we’ve established that washing machines are great and that they are a necessity, here are some things you should keep in mind before you take one home. Trust us when we say this, you need to give enough thought to what kind of machine you want and what your needs are. Otherwise you’ll only end up disappointed.

1. Automatic or Semi-automatic?

Reminds you strangely of cars, right? A top loading, semi-automatic washing machine is probably the lowest model available today and the cheapest. They are not much less than fully automatic machines because the cleaning would still be efficient enough. The difference is that you will manually need to shift clothes to the dryer compartment once the rinsing is done. However, they do have some odd advantages.

  • They consume less water
  • Consumes less power
  • Very low maintenance
  • Most pocket friendly

Automatic washing machines require minimal manual effort. Just dump all the clothes into the tub and forget about it until the machine pings to indicate end of wash function. However, they are more expensive than their semi-automatic counterparts.

2. How much laundry do you have?

Most machines start at 6 kg. If you have a large family or if you, for some reason, generate a lot of soiled clothes, you might want one with a bigger capacity. If things like curtains and blankets and heavy duvets are the kind you have to wash, best invest in a higher capacity model. Otherwise you’ll end up wasting time and power to do your laundry.

Do not think that you can load your washing machine more than its capacity. When you overload a machine, it uses up more power to run the wash cycle and not just that, if there isn’t enough space for the clothes to tumble around, cleaning would be inefficient. So, machine capacity is something that you should give serious thought to.

3. Wash programs & frequency

Most fully automatic washing machines have different types of washing programs based on type of material you are washing and the load. Such machines are ideal for both families and singletons who have varied quantities when it comes to weekly laundry. And not just pre-loaded programs like Woolens, quick wash, jeans etc, you can also manually programming the timing for washing, spinning and drying.

Another thing you need to give thought to is about how frequently you wash your clothes. Weekly or multiple times in a week or daily? This should help you determine what kind of power rating to go for. If you wash only once a week, a lower power rating should be ok. If you do laundry almost on a daily basis, you’ll need a very energy efficient machine to help you cut back on electricity costs.

4. Front load or top load

Top load washing machines, even the automatic ones are cheaper than front load ones. It is said that front load washing machines offer cleaner results owing to the movement of clothes. All front load washing machines are fully automatic, at least in the Indian market. They are also slightly on the heavier side.

Top load washing machines are lighter in weight and therefore much easier to move around. A top load fully automatic washing machine is what most people prefer because it gives it reduces manual effort while not costing too much.

5. After sales services & warranty

The brand of washing machine you purchase decides the kind of service you will receive after you make the purchase. Most manufacturers give a decent warranty on their products, however, should some incident happen, it would be better if the machine is of a high end brand as they are built to take a hit.

Cannot afford to buy one?

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