Things Not To Do On Valentine’s Day

Today is the day of love! As everyone around the world celebrates this day (thanks to St. Valentine) we thought we could give some advice to couples about things you should refrain from doing today. Yeah, yeah, it is indeed wonderful to think up something unique and personal but you might think it through to avoid becoming single. So here comes the list of things you should avoid at all costs –

1. Skipping the celebration

Forgot Valentines Day

Unless the partner explicitly asks (read orders) you to not bring in any celebration, do not spend the day casually. It is still recommended that you at least make time for each other to show your affection. We hope you had marked your calendars, if not, you’re reading this article now doofus, go wish your partner!

2. Too Many Gifts

Well, while some may like this ( probably just teenagers), it is best to give meaningful and personalised gifts rather than giving truckloads of things that barely hold meaning. Also, giving too many gifts, especially early on in the relationship can overwhelm your partner and give them the wrong message. You’ll come across as the needy type and we certainly do not need that.

3. Putting a bow on yourself

Penny looked cute doing that in Big Bang Theory but it might be wise to skip this one especially if you are a guy. You did promise yourselves to each other, dramatic representations of that may be cheesy. Also, you’ll be perceived as a miser. This one is excusable only if you club it with other really good presents. (*cough* still cheesy).

4. Surprising your partner at work

It is bad enough that Valentine’s day is on Tuesday this year, let’s not make it more difficult. This gift is, however, ok for some. By some, we mean people who work in the same office/building. Imagine showing up at your lover’s office with a bunch of flowers and packed lunch? It is an office, there is a bigger chance that you’ll be an embarrassment. Or you might actually be disturbing their day. We’re not even sure if your partner is ready to introduce you to his/her friends, so let’s skip this for now.


5. Creepy Gifts

We cannot define creepy here because it is a relative term. Some people find animals creepy, so giving them an adorable puppy will actually make you single. However, there is some downright creepy stuff. Anything involving body parts, animal parts (unless it is leather) or overtly personal videos/photos are all strict no-nos. Skip them and stick to conventional stuff, especially if you haven’t been together for long.


6. Last, but not the least

Do not overtly display your romance all over social media. Sharing a cute picture is nice, adorable even, but given that the Internet is going gaga already, we could refrain from posting one thousand pictures of you and your partner in various sweetheart poses with heart filters.

This is indeed a day to show your love for your partner. But this is in the end, a day about love. It needn’t be romance always. Valentine’s day can be celebrated with anyone you love. It could be family, friends or even colleagues. So take a breather, and thank everyone for their love and support. Have a great day, everyone! Happy Valentine’s to you.

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