Things To Check Before Finalising Your Interior Designer

A few decades back, interior decoration was something homeowners did themselves. The idea of hiring a professional to design their homes was an expensive and optional affair. Today, that is no longer the case. Homeowners book designers along with booking homes with builders. The aesthetic appeal of homes gets as much attention as structural integrity these days and that is a welcome change. What good is a home that’s sturdy but bland, boring & not tastefully done?

Why Hire An Interior Designer?

Good question. We never said this was necessary, but hiring a professional who understands spaces, lighting, aesthetics and other factors that decide the overall vibe of a home, helps immensely. Many homeowners have tried to design/renovate their own homes. And many homeowners have recalled how harrowing it was to plan everything from start to finish, allot budget, handpick every furniture product and appliance, and finally see the project through completion. This is not just stressful, it is also time and resource-intensive. 

When you outsource this task to a design house, at least a well-staffed and equipped one, most tasks get taken care of smoothly. A company that can manufacture its own furniture is always a plus. Add to that experience and good vision – you have everything you need to get your dream home completed. 

A Guide To New Homeowners

With the boom in demand for professional interior decorators, the number of companies in the space has increased exponentially too. This means that homeowners are now spoilt with choices and often confused when it comes to picking one design house to do their house. So if you are homeowner trying to decide an interior decorator, here are some things you need to consider.

  • The size of your home
  • The kind of theme or the scale of interior decoration needed
  • How soon you want the home to be completed
  • The budget
  • Is this a renovation project?

 Based on the answers to the above questions, you can now start hunting for an interior designer.

5 Questions To Ask Before Signing The Contract

A good place to start looking for interior design companies would be your friend circle. If you know people who recently got their homes done, talk to them. Next, as always, the Internet. Search for interior designing companies in your city and go through their reviews and testimonials. 

Once you have a list, contact them and communicate your design requirements. And based on their responses, proceed to do the following.

  1. Check Recommendations

No matter how great their work seems, check with their ex-clients to know how they actually performed for the duration of the project. Were they ready to accommodate your concerns and suggestions? Did they finish on time? Did they make a mess? Other setbacks? If the answers are favorable, they probably are a decent bet.

  1. References

If you have a clear vision of what you want your home looks like, get pictures from the internet and show it to your designer. And ask if they can do exactly what you have in mind. Use this time to discuss ideas and budget and help them understand your requirements better. Pictures and videos are always a good idea.

  1. Ask for a visual projection

A good design house should have enough technical prowess to show you a projection of what the completed house would look like. Ask for a projection that can be as detailed as possible and the estimated cost & time for completion. This is also the time to check for the compatibility of your key requirements. If you need a wheelchair-friendly house or a home office or other profession-specific requirements, here’s where we visualize it. 

  1. No Rushing

If you feel that the time estimate given is way too short, best reconsider. A company that finishes the work too fast may end up making mistakes that will prove to be expensive or plain inconvenient in the long run. You could also contribute by not giving them a very short deadline. Have realistic expectations. This is your dream home and something you’ll probably do once in a lifetime. So you want it to be good. 

  1. Policies & Payment Method

This just cannot be ignored. Some firms may ask for the payment to be made in batches and some may ask for the full payment upfront. Both parties must sit down and figure out which makes both comfortable. That said, paying the full amount upfront is not always recommended.

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