Things To Do In Bangalore For Eid

I look back & half of
Ramadan is over in the blink of an eye. Before I know, I’ll be saying that about my entire life.

 Nouman Ali Khan


How fast did this holy month fly past us! Eid is two days away and all we can wonder is why we did not notice the days fly past us. If you’re in Bangalore and if been up and about, you’ll notice that there are a lot of food festivals and sales happening across the city. All of that is because Ramadan was on and everyone is in joyous spirits.


If you’ve missed out on all the celebrations, you still have two days to catch up. So here’s what you can do.

#1 Food Trail

Mosque Street, Bannerghatta road, Koramangala and other spots in and around mosques have food fests currently. Head there around ifthar time and you’ll experience the best food coma ever! From simple preparations like Pani Kum chai to elaborate and mind-blowingly delicious Haleems, you’ll get it all.

It’s not just tons of non-veg stuff, you get delicious vegetarian options too! Especially the desserts. They are to die! Preparations that you don’t always find easily available in Bangalore like Qurbani ka meetha, phirni, pathar Ghosht etc become hot selling items in such spots. So head over then and start gorging! The food is mostly prepared right before your eyes and served piping hot so you’re sure to have a wonderful experience.

#2 Shopping

Well, whats Eid without shopping? From malls to street shopping places, sales just don’t seem to end! That makes it perfect for shoppers of all budgets! We’re sure you’ve heard of Commercial street. You get super affordable stuff there which you can obviously bargain and make more affordable. Right now, almost every vendor there seems to be happy to give a discount. So head there if you’ve been wanting to splurge for some time now.

It could get super crowded just before Eid and you’ll have a lot of walking to do. Make sure have sunscreen and comfortable shoes on if you are going there during the day.

#3 Visit Some Famous Places

New to Bangalore? Use your holiday to admire the botanical life at Lalbagh or visit the planetarium. Or grab your camera and head to Bannerghatta National Park for a safari among beasts of the wild ( the vehicle is safe, no lions will eat you). Since Eid falls in the middle of the week, so a long trip or visiting places more than 70kms away is a bad idea. You can also search for Eid events on BookMyShow. There definitely will be some fun stuff happening.

#4 Stay Home, Cook

Are you a home chef? Do you love bringing flavors together and experimenting with stuff? Well, this holiday could be the perfect excuse to forget about work and cook up a storm. Get your hands on some fresh groceries and get cooking! You can also experiment with some Eid specialties, and don’t skip preparing the sevviyya!

#5 Girls, Don’t Forget Your Mehendi

Eid isn’t complete without a bit of Mehendi on your hands. But don’t sweat it if you can’t apply yourselves. There are plenty of street vendors and parlours that provide Mehendi application service at affordable prices. You can even give them the designs you like and have that applied instead of letting them do what they like.


Dear men, if you feel left out, drop the shyness and apply some on your hands too! Or you can apply them on your hair. Henna is great for hair!

#6 Give Back To The Community

At the heart of Ramadan is the spirit of doing good and spreading happiness. And what better way to achieve happiness than making someone smile. Do your bit. Donate some food. Distribute clothes to the needy. Around you, there are many people who lack the privileges you are blessed. Every little bit of help counts in putting a smile on their faces so don’t forget to be generous this Ramadan.

Advance Eid Mubarak Everyone!

Team Guarented wishes everyone a blessed Eid in advance. We’re working round the clock to ensure that orders placed now won’t be affected by the volume we are facing now. So if you been wanting to shop with us, nows the best time! Do follow us on social media to be the first to know about our exclusive discounts and sales!

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