Tips For Landlords To Fully Furnish Your Rental Properties

In a city like Bangalore, where thousands of people immigrate to, real estate is always a booming industry. The demand for rental properties never seems to wean in the garden city of India. So if you are a landlord/landlady and you are trying to rent out a property, we’re pretty sure that you’ll always have options when it comes to tenants. But if you’re stuck in a never ending search for the right kind of tenants, this article could shed some light on how you could get tenants without spending lakhs on renovations and revamping.

Industry experts claim that the younger generation, especially bachelors and spinsters who share flats with folks in the same age group form a major chunk of the tenant pool in a city like Bangalore. Most of them are here for studies or jobs and are unlikely to stay in the same place forever or even a longer span of time.

Such people are often found to steer towards fully furnished apartments over their unfurnished or even semi furnished counterparts. Wondering why?


Here’s why fully furnished apartments are popular these days

There are many reasons why fully furnished apartments are popular, but for the purpose of convenience, we’ll list only the main ones.

They are ready to use

Fully furnished apartments are like take-out from a restaurant. You can consume them right away. Whereas, unfurnished ones are like procuring ingredients. You’ll have to put in some effort to make a meal out of it.

For younger folks who land in Bangalore at short notice, time is often a valuable resource. They need places they can move into and start using immediately. Fully furnished apartments serve that purpose well. No more moving your stuff in and then spending weeks to make the apartment functional with the necessary furniture and appliances.

They are budget friendly too

Tenants often find it is easier to pick fully furnished apartments and paying a slightly higher rent than moving to a cheaper apartment and then spending thousands to procure furniture and appliances. Another reason is that when they again have to move houses, they’ll strain themselves arranging relocation services to haul all the things they purchased to the new home.


How To Fully Furnish Apartments On A Budget

As a landlord, you might have already realized that maintaining residential properties is no easy task. They are time and resource heavy. So spending additional funds for revamping and furnishing an apartment is not everyone’s cup of tea. New appliances and furniture cost a bomb, and buying second hand ones will not always be reliable either. This is where rented goods come into the picture.

With companies like Guarented, you’ll have the option to fully furnish the apartment with just a few thousand rupees a month. That amount can just be clubbed with the monthly rent you collect for the house and voila! You have an awesome rental property now!

Here are some benefits of using rented products to furnish your apartment

  1. Renting Takes Very Little Money

Unlike buying new or used goods, renting will cost you only a fraction of the MRP of the products you want. And you won’t be spending that money either. You can collect that as monthly rent from your tenants.

Guarented has a host of product combos with which you can furnish 1, 2 & 3 bhk apartments easily. Take a look at them, and you’ll know how awesome this service is.

  1. Repairs And Maintenance Will Be Covered By Guarented

When you rent appliances and furniture in Bangalore from Guarented, you are assured to get free maintenance and repair services. Which means that if your tenants ever need repairs, you can redirect them to us. You don’t have to run around arranging repairmen and technicians or paying for such matters either.

  1. Upgrade Or Downscale At Ease

If your property has only one tenant, rent goods accordingly. A few more join a little later, get all the rented good replaced with their higher versions. Do all of this with just a single phone call! When you buy furniture and appliances, you’ll have to find means to sell them off on second hand markets and then use that cash to buy products of higher specifications to accommodate more tenants.

Guarented solves all of this for you! Convenience and budget friendliness are our primary aims!

  1. It Is Convenient For Your Tenants Too

No tenant wants to go through the hassles of making an apartment ready to live. They’d rather move into a place that is already functional and running. Neither do the younger tenants want to burden themselves with owning household stuff. When landlords offer them fully furnished apartments,they are also giving them the freedom to move in with just their clothes and smaller personal belongings. Your tenant pool will multiply if you furnish your apartment. You’ll even get better quality tenants in some cases.


Get Started Today

If you are someone who has a rental property in Bangalore, we recommend that you go through Guarented’s product catalog right away. Be sure that you check out our combo offers as well! We’re sure that you’ll find everything you need right there.

We also promise free delivery within 72 hrs of placing the order, so if you need something quick, start right away! Good luck!


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