Tips To Settle Into Your New Home

Moved to a new home? Still feeling spooked, out of place or unfamiliar with the house? Well, don’t worry. Here are some easy tips that would help you settle right in. But before we begin, you may want to give some thought to familiarising yourself with the neighbourhood. Take a look at the shops, parks and other necessary amenities around. Make sure you identify hospitals, eateries, pharmacies and similar setups close by. And now, let’s get to the actual settling in part.

Furnish Your Home

This is step #1. An empty home not only makes it hard to function, but it also makes it kind of depressing. Not great for your mental health. So before you do anything else, log on to Guarented and buy/rent everything your home needs. Don’t worry, we’re super affordable. You can even rent combos for 1,2 & 3 BHK homes as such, saving both money and time in the process.

If your budget allows it, buy a few decor /accent elements like funky cushion covers, windchimes, some art for the walls etc. And if you cannot afford it, do some DIY stuff – hang up some photos, paint some pictures yourself. Let your creativity run wild!

Clean Up

Even if it is a new home, it may take several rounds of cleaning before it comes up to your standards. The restrooms and cupboards and the kitchen – all of it will need extensive cleaning and decking up. Once that is done, the house will start feeling more habitable.

When you clean, make sure you also clean out trash or stuff left behind by previous residents. No good comes from storing such stuff. And if you watch a lot of horror movies, your imagination will soon be running wild. Best return it to your landlord or throw it out.

Arrange Everything

Once all the cleaning is done, set about unpacking and giving everything its places. Start with the kitchen, assign places to the cutlery and other provisions so that it is easier to find them in future. Make a chart if you have too much stuff so that you can refer to it in case you want others to operate in your kitchen as well.

Once you are done with the kitchen, move over to your personal belongings – clothes, accessories, shoes, and other miscellaneous elements. Fold your clothes neatly, arrange your shoes, other foldable stuff like extra bedcovers, towels etc should be folded and put away.

Set Up The Internet & Other Amenities

Surviving without the internet seems like a difficult thing these days. You can always depend on your phone’s data for a bit but setting up decent wi-fi is what makes it home according to Millenials.

If you are someone who wants to cook, you may consider getting a gas connection or even an induction stove works for that matter. Set up any other connections that you may need like DTH or landline etc.

Get Some Friends Over

Nothing can make an empty building feel like home unless there are people in it to make some noise. Spritz a bit of your favourite fragrance so that it truly feels familiar, get some food and host some people you love. Very soon the new place will start becoming special to you.

No house feels like home unless you do the things you love in it. So let yourself lose and do whatever you want to. Click some pictures and post on your social media handles and call it your home. Soon, without even you noticing it, you’ll start forming attachments with the new place. And while you are at it, do say hello to your neighbours and introduce yourself. Having a healthy relationship with your neighbours often proves handy in case of emergencies.

Congratulations On Your New Home!

We have a host of sales still on in connection with New Year so you might want to make the best out of it to furnish your place. Don’t worry we’ll be quick with delivery and we’ll provide excellent customer support too!

And once you are done, do share pictures of your new place with us! We’d love to see how you’ve done up your home!

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