Unlock 2021 & Bracing For A Third Wave

As we’re stepping into the second year of COVID-19, we all have our doubts. The last year has not been easy on any of us. So when it seemed like we’ll have one more year of uncertainty and a potential third wave, we collectively reeled under the shock. While we cannot predict when this will end, we can do our best to prepare ourselves and keep damage to a minimum. If you are wondering how to prepare your home and your family members for a potential third wave, here’s an article that can help.

#1 Get Vaccinated

This is easier said than done, we know. However, constantly try to get a slot and even if you do get vaccinated, make sure that you wear masks and protective gear while out in public. Practising personal hygiene is impertinent. Pandemic or not, washing your hands frequently and keeping your home and surroundings clean goes a long way in keeping you well and disease free. You can also inhale steam occasionally and maybe stick to consuming warm food and drinks alone for the time being.

#2 Clean Your Home Thoroughly

Even if you’ve been isolating yourselves at home, not cleaning your home could be potentially dangerous. If dust and debris accumulate, you could fall sick from inhaling all of that. While that may not be as fatal or severe as a COVID infection, it could still warrant a visit to a hospital. And as we all know, now is not a good time to approach hospitals. You not only risk an infection, you also add workload to healthcare professionals. Healthcare systems already are stretched to breaking point, we could all help out by looking after ourselves the best we can.

#3 Prepare For Patient Care

At this point, we need to consider the possibility that we might ourselves fall sick or take care of a member who may come down with the infection. Start by keeping a room ready for the patient and enough medicine/food in stock. The patient obviously cannot step out to get groceries, but it is also unwise for the bystander also to step out because you could be a carrier and transmit the infection to others. So your first move would be to keep medicines, food & a room ready for a potential patient. 

Next, keep a list of numbers and resources ready so that you know who to approach when a family member or you yourself fall sick. If you stay alone, assign a reliable safety contact within the same city. This person should know where you live, your medical history and any other relevant details. 

Stay calm. Hopefully, the third wave will be kinder on humanity and we sincerely wish that the mass vaccinations would make a difference.

We’re Here To Help

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