Upcoming Furniture Trends In 2022

Guarented has always been diligent about bringing you the latest styles and designs when it comes to contemporary furniture. We typically cover the trends predicted to take the furniture industry by storm each year and while Jan is when a new year begins, we find that there is more clarity towards early Feb. And thus, here’s bringing to you furniture trends expected to become a rage in 2022!

#1 Sustainable Pieces & Wellness Conscious Art

The more we read up, the more we realize the evils of mass-produced goods and the footprint it leaves behind on earth. Topics like climate change, environmental pollution, deforestation, and many other grave subjects are no laughing matters. As more and more people are becoming aware of such dangers, we’ve noticed a considerable shift towards handmade, responsibly sourced, and responsibly made products. Furniture and home decor items are no different.

If you wish to be in the group that believes in acting first, speaking later, we’re sure you will appreciate the sustainability in the use of natural materials, fair wages, and less footprint, you’d opt to get your furniture from brands such as Guarented. You can walk right into our warehouse and watch your furniture being made, that’s how much transparency you’ll get with us!


#2 Minimalist & Geometric Patterns

Minimalist pieces were more of a necessity as homes got smaller and spaces to place furniture more compact. However, sleek lines and that whole minimal look grew on us quickly and we started seeing the stark beauty in such pieces. Interior designers were also quick to note that geometric patterns were making a comeback and that they blended beautifully with the minimalist decor theme. In particular, the cane pattern has seen massive popularity since the beginning of 2022 and is expected to become a bigger trend, one that might stay, in the coming years.

Minimalist & Geometric Patterns

#3 Investment Pieces

Like we mentioned before commercial, mass-produced pieces may come cheap but their durability and value may not be ideal. People are starting to gravitate towards well-made, durable, and vintage pieces that may in the future fetch a good price. While ‘vintage’ pieces may not be everyone’s cup of tea given their steep prices and general short availability, investing in a custom-made, durable, and unique furniture product seems to make a lot of sense to the urban rich.

Investment Pieces

#4 Heirlooms & Sentimental Pieces

With the pandemic taking quite a toll on our mental health and general wellbeing, people seem to have developed a liking for home decor with a touch of sentimental value. Gone are the days of making your home look like something out of a magazine. More and more people are recreating furniture products that bring back a certain memory. This furthers the way for custom furniture products where the design and idea come from the customer. Furniture products like this will truly become a part of your home and your heart and will one day bring you great joy.

Heirlooms & Sentimental Pieces

#5 Easy To Maintain 

This is something we want in most household items, furniture is no different. With the pandemic and tiny pathogens scaring the life out of us, there’s a newfound appreciation for products that can be cleaned and sanitized easily. There’s also a rise in materials that naturally have anti-microbial properties. Certain wood types, copper, bronze etc are becoming all the more popular with the health and wellness conscious crowd.

Most trends that are expected to take the industry by storm, point towards opting for customized, handmade furniture. This way, you have complete control over the design, the materials, the dimensions, and any other aspect you could think about. And here’s where Guarented can help you out. Guarented is a company that has aced the art of furniture-making, renting, selling, and even interior designing over the years. We’re a popular name in the city when it comes to unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Complementing this is our interior designing team that can do your entire home/office in a harmonious way while also promising quality products, timely completion, and a free warranty!


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