Update Your Kitchen On A Budget

Your kitchen is in many ways the very heart of your home. This is where all the nourishment takes form. Irrespective of whether you are a good or even a regular cook, it is mandatory that every kitchen has a solid set of essential gadgets and amenities for smooth functioning. Unfortunately, kitchens, like most things in life, have an expiry date. Over time, the appliances will wear out, constant working inside them causes discoloration of walls, floors, and other fixtures and sometimes, the mechanical structures too succumb to constant use. Very soon, your kitchen will become a dull place to work in.

Experts suggest that it is good to update everything in your kitchen once in 10 years or so. Sooner if damages are very visible. If you think your kitchen needs an update, and you have the finances to go full out, we’d recommend approaching a company that specializes in interior decoration. They’ll not only make your kitchen equipped with the latest appliances, they’ll also make sure that the kitchen looks spectacular.

However, if you are on a budget and are looking for ways to update your kitchen on a tight budget, here are some options you can look into.

Replace Old Appliances With Good Quality Second Hand Appliances

Buying brand new appliances for your kitchen in one go can be seriously heavy on your pocket. Even if you buy only one appliance at a time, new appliances are super expensive. The best alternative to this is to procure second-hand appliances from trusted vendors.

When you buy from reputable vendors, you qualify for customer service and even post-purchase service warranty which provides you with additional budget protection. If you purchase from a platform called Guarented, there’s a good chance that you’ll be getting brand new appliances which were unboxed and returned to e-commerce players. This means at the hugely discounted price, you get an appliance that was never used.


Before you go ahead and place orders for replacements, it might be a good idea to bring in someone and check if the appliances can be repaired to prolong their lives. This requires a professional evaluation and would be best if you don’t attempt to perform any installations or checks yourself.

Give A Facelift To The Kitchen

And by facelift, we mean an improved look. This can be done in many ways. A fresh coat of paint, new wallpaper, rearranging positions of objects in the kitchen or a combination of any of these. This is your chance to play around with decor ideas. Turn to your trusted friend Google to supply you with kitchen revamp ideas for some inspiration.

If you are going to give your kitchen a fresh coat of paint, keep in mind that light colors give an illusion of larger spaces and darker colors do the opposite. Also, having one wall in a contrasting shade adds a pop of color, making everything a little brighter. Experts also recommend sticking to a color theme. The color of the feature wall could be used for the wooden surfaces or cabinets. Let your creativity take over and experiment with several ideas before you go all out on one.

Change The Flooring

The kitchen floor is always going to the second thing that gets messed up after a massive cook-off session ( the first being the countertop). Ideally, kitchen floors should be easy to clean surfaces that don’t stain or crack easily. Vitrified tiles are now a very popular budget option. If you have the money, granite and marble are also great choices.

If you cannot afford marbles and granites, vinyl sheets are another option. They are inexpensive and come in several colors and patterns. However, they have been known to stain and rip quite easily. Working on a vinyl floor might need some caution.

Install Better Lights

This is all the more necessary if the natural lighting in your kitchen is sparse. Good lights make space look nicer and also gives much-needed visibility into the work you are doing. Overhead lights are always a great idea, so if you can have them installed, that’ll be excellent.

Make sure that when turned on, your newly installed lights also reach the insides of the cabinet when they are left open. Otherwise, you’ll be probing with your hands to get that can from the inside of your shelves and wasting a lot of time in the process.

Add Shelves, Spice Racks & Storage Spaces

You know the modern rule – there can never be enough storage in a kitchen. How much is enough storage anyway? You’ll always benefit from extra racks and shelves. If your kitchen was built 10+ years or so, there’s a good chance that the shelves and racks are old fashioned too.

Have some contemporary shelves installed? Carousels, pull out spice racks, compact wall shelves – the options are endless. Check online shopping sites for some pocket-friendly, easy to install options as well. Keep in mind that having racks directly over your stove or cooktop is not a great idea. And covered storage options are better than open ones. Using mold free paint on the insides will be a good idea too.

Finish With A Personal Touch

Whatever options you chose to explore, always make sure that you finish with a personal touch. Hang up a few photos, add knick-knacks from your collection or anything to add your own flair.

Kitchens are spaces that a family spends a lot of time in, this is where everyone fills their stomachs and hearts. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, it is worth spending a little extra cash to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience while you work hard to churn out some delicious food.


All the best with your kitchen updation, friend.  Don’t forget to share some pictures with us once you are done!

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