We’re Launching In Hyderabad!

Hello, good people! I know we usually write about how great furniture products are and how we’re like totally the best in what we do and all that, but today, we’re writing about something that we practically are jumping in joy about. Several years back, when we first came into the business, our founders had all but one dream – be the top name in furniture and appliance rentals in Bangalore. And they’ve put everything into making that dream a reality.

Today, years later, we’re not just the most popular company in Bangalore for rented furniture and appliances, we’re also a major seller of furniture products and refurbished appliances. We also stepped in manufacturing furniture products when we noticed that some of our customers had unique demands when it came to the design and dimensions of the furniture they required in their homes. Without a second thought, we arranged to cater to such demands as well. From what started out to be a rental platform, we are now a seller, manufacturer and refurbisher of household products.

Our customers have been nothing but generous with us and due to that, only due to that, has our business reached where it is today. With so many customers and homes furnished in Bangalore, we are now taking the next natural step forward.

Next Stop: The City Of Nizams

Thanks to the faith that our customers and investors have placed in us, Guarented is now ready to take on a new city. The good people of Hyderabad will now be able to use our premium products and services, allowing us to touch more lives in our journey ahead.

The new site for Hyderabad will be live shortly and we wanted to put out a word of thank you to everyone who has availed our services till date. We really don’t think it would have been possible without you guys.

What Will Guarented’s Hyderabad Chapter Be Like?

An exact replica of the Bangalore version, to be honest, if not better :).

Every service we have here will be available there as well. And yes, that includes the highly popular custom furniture option. So if you’re in Hyderabad, you can buy furniture, you can buy refurbished appliances, you can email us or give us a call if you want really unique furniture designs, you can ask for altered dimensions on products already on our catalogue and all of this you can avail at very affordable prices!

Amidst all of the buzz surrounding this new launch, our team is also working round the clock to add more designs, more products and include more categories of furniture in our catalogue. But for the time being, even if a furniture product is not in our catalogue, you can connect with us directly and let us know what your requirements are, we’ll most certainly be capable of manufacturing it for you.

See You Soon, Hyderabad!

When you’re reading this, we would have already begun operations in Hyderabad. So head over to our site and start shopping! Most products displayed in the Bangalore catalogue will be available in Hyderabad as well. And like we always say, if you need something extra, we’re just an email away.

Guarented also has plans to expand to new cities in the near future. Our aim, as always, is to provide premium furniture and appliances at budget-friendly prices to the average Indian. And we will continue to work hard to make sure that it turns into a reality.

And thus to wrap up, here’s thanking everyone who has and will be a part of our journey. Do make sure that you are following us on social media so that you’ll be the first to know about discounts and offers we’ll be having in association with the launch and more details on what’s in store for Guarented.

Once again, thank you. Cheers!

Team Guarented.

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