Why Leasing Household Products Is Beneficial

A comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and above all, a functional home is everyone’s dream. At the end of the day, everyone needs a place to go home to. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford the kind of homes they dream about. Renting a home is hard on our pockets as such, so buying the necessary merchandise to make it functional could be out of the question for many. This is where companies like Guarented step in to help people with rented household products. If you are trying to set up your home, appliances, and furniture on rent in Bangalore can easily be procured from Guarented.


Now, when we say rent household products, many have doubts about how this will pay off. Because when you are renting, you only get to use it for a few months and despite paying for it, you’ll never get to own that product. But this precisely is why leasing has enormous benefits. Especially for folks who don’t stay in a place for too long. Here’s a look at why renting is beneficial.

Use The Products For As Long Or As Little As You Want


When you lease a product, you get to decide what duration you want to use it for and pay only for that. If you were to buy a product, you’ll have to pay the full amount irrespective of how short or long your duration for its usage will be.

For students, singles and young working force, staying put in one city for too long could be improbable. They often move around a lot before settling down in one place. For such folks, buying new household products would be out of the question because they may not be able to afford it. Besides, there really is no sense in buying something only to discard it a few months later.

Skip The Hassles Of Disposing Household Products


If you did indeed shell out the money and buy everything your home needs, you’ll need to sell them off to regain some of that cash. Otherwise, that’s a whole lot of money wasted. Selling the product may seem easy but the truth is far from that.

If an average homeowner wants to sell his household goods, he needs to first advertise it on various platforms. Respond to potential buyers, negotiate with them, entertain them at home while they come over to look at the products and finally settle for a price that is probably less than what they wanted.

The hassles and the losses associated with the selling of household products is way too much. Renting solves all of that in one go. Once you are done using the product, give us a call and we’ll have the products picked up for free from your doorstep.

Renting Is Super Easy On Your Pocket


It takes only a fraction of the MRP to rent a product. If you rent from Guarented, you’re guaranteed to get the best prices without compromising on quality. In fact, we even have attractive combos that will help you furnish a 1, 2 or 3 BHK home in a single click.

With just a few thousand bucks you can sort out your food, sleep and laundry needs with Guarented. This is always a more suitable option for those with budget constraints and cannot spend close to a lakh on buying everything needs for their home.

Additional Budget Protection In The Form Of Perks


If you rent with Guarented, you get to access an array of perks ranging from free delivery, free pick up, free relocation (subject to conditions) and excellent customer support throughout. Guarented also provides free maintenance checks and cleaning routines for all our rented goods. If your rented product ever needs a minor fix, you can place a call to us and we’ll have it looked at.

Rent To Own – Own The Products You Rent


If you began renting all that stuff thinking that you won’t be in this city for long, but changed your plans later and decided to stay, you can simply buy the goods you are already renting. Rent-To-Own is a Guarented exclusive policy that lets our customers do this. When each rent payment made against a product, a portion of that goes towards the sales price. Which means that the longer you’ve been renting, the lesser it’s sales price gets. This is very convenient for those who change the plans and decide to settle. Helps you save the hassle of having to find new products for your home!

Renting Is The New “Thing”


Especially for the younger folks, renting provides a lot of flexibility and financial sense. However, if you still want to go ahead and purchase everything your home needs, consider buying them second hand. Used goods are no longer dilapidated cheap wares. Companies like Guarented spend a lot of money and effort on refurbishing furniture and appliances to ensure that their qualities rival that of brand new ones and also provide them to our customers at super affordable prices. If you shop with us, you’ll also get a free service warranty for up to a year!

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